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But there's not a lot about him that i could find but there was some indication that he was not a very loving or nurturing human and that he may have been a violent person. I don't see. I don't have a lot. That would make sense. You're right alex. Yeah i know. He's horrifying in the movie. So i wouldn't want to run like that. Yeah right but i do need to look up. I need to look at that footage of her talking in that voice too because that was like. I don't know if it happened like it did in the movie. But as soon as he had like. Ed had to turn around so that she could talk. 'cause it wouldn't talk with everybody looking at her. I was like okay. What she's faking. That's for sure that was. That was definitely played up for the movie Okay but like the real footage like she's just sitting there and then all the sudden there's this deep gravelly voice of a guy who sounds like he spent his entire life in a coal mine talking out of this little girl and it's like that. This is weird. I can do voices. People can do voices that stuff freeman wild and she just sitting there with a smile interface. Just being a little girl and her her voice is like is just. It's it's crazy. And and like i said i mean if the son of the sky identifies it as his voice like who else is gonna know that voice better than that you know right right exactly ad. I think the most jarring and scary thing real life wise is footage footage from xs. Or they have those deep growly voices and whether they're being faked or not is irrelevant. There's still horrifying sounding. Yes so could not possibly agree. So i guess to sum everything up the we wanted to do this episode. Because i keep mentioning ed in the rain. Warren and we we keep like randomly like stumbling over stories of everyday. Yeah well ryan ryan will tell me before he goes to work in the morning and it just says marie osborne or now i've i've short it ed's ed's and lawers yeah and it's constant it's it's an everyday thing but no hashtag ed and lorraine i'm like like i'm in the middle of like doing my work and i'm like you know what text alex and lorraine warren again. But no really they come up a lot for us..

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