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Hebrews thirteen to like there's there's so many examples of this mandate for hospitality the passages comparing and contrasting these far into the spectrum responses right. So you've got lot who's like. Hey i see you coming from afar like come to my house. Let me feed you whatever with. Hey actually we wanna like completely humiliate and dehumanize people that we don't know what to overpower them As the men of the towners about as anti welcoming as you could get jay michaelson. Who's a rabbi says. Reading the story of sodom is being about homosexuality like reading the story of an axe murderer. And saying it's about an axa and we know this because they're of the other ways the sin of sodom more are explained throughout the old testament like jeremiah equate sodom with adultery and lies. There's nothing about blanket homosexuality like amos four talks about how The people who are in the mountains of samaria who oppressed the poor who crushed the needy. I have overthrown. You as god has overthrown sodom and gomorrah and even in the new testament when jesus talks about the cities that will have it. Worse than sodom and gomorrah. It's because they've been inhospitable to his disciples when they come into town to preach. Jesus is comparing all the good times that were had on the days leading up to the destruction of sodom and gomorrah the good times leading up to the days of the second coming. You know. Peter talks about how god will preserve the righteous like he preserved lot and punish the wicked like he did it. Sodom and gomorrah So you know jud chapter one. There's only one chapter jude. But he writes about how god will destroy those who don't believe in him and he mentioned sodom and gomorrah Basically saying that they indulged in sexual immorality and pursued strange flesh so the net bible here Kind of breaks this down as literally meaning they pursued flesh other that was normally pursued and they make the case that the false teachers jude and the wicked residents of sodom and gomorrah practice homosexuality in the in a general way as opposed to something specific so This was an and then. I think we get it. Very clear in ezekiel sixteen. Forty nine hundred fifty now. This was the sin of sodom. She and her daughters were arrogant over fed an unconcerned. They did not help the poor and needy. They were haughty and detestable. Things for me therefore i did away with them as you have seen so i think there's at least enough evidence for us to ask serious questions. About what the sense of sodomy amores other than what we've been traditionally told interesting about this. She is thinking about this. Just as my my existence in the local church like in a church for my whole life..

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