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And that's something that would concern me a little bit about him because he his body type, the way that he plays the game. The Patriots would try to turn him into an X I don't know if the Patriots would move him inside or play him off the line. Which is probably what they need to do. Right. So I think that he's somebody that I'm a little bit wary of just because of the press coverage reps that I saw. Yeah, and look, I think they could use a guy like that. I just don't, if that's the role you're gonna fill, you're talking like that Z, right? Right. Go get one down in the third round at that point, right? At that point, you don't need to use a first round pick. So wide receivers kind of a weak position in terms of patriots needs at the senior bowl, but pretty much every linebacker that's worth talking about, especially inside linebackers there. I'll give you a couple. Devin Lloyd's going to be there. Chad mama from Wyoming is the guy I really like quay walker, maybe my draft crush on the defensive side of the ball. Did you watch Troy Anderson from Montana state? I haven't yet. But I did watch a little bit of quay walker just watching. Obviously, the Kobe dean today. And he's somebody a title is he gonna be there too. The other Georgia linebacker, I think both of those guys are Kindle changing. Yeah, yeah. Both of those guys, I think are interesting. They're a little bit bigger, obviously than the Kobe dean, but they do still move pretty. I mean, that Paul Georgia defense flew to the ball, right? It wasn't just nicobi dean. He was a heartbeat of that, but all those guys could fly to the football. So anybody from that door to defense on game with. So yeah, I really like walker, but watch Troy Anderson. He's kind of an unknown and I'll admit, I haven't seen a ton of them, but the people I trust with Dave said about him to me, he should be in the mix. And there we know the Patriots aren't afraid to go with the small school guy, right? Look at Kyle duggar and how that worked out. And that's kind of where I'll close this on names people should know. Beavers is going to be there too, right? From Cincinnati. He's an interesting one at linebacker also. I've heard some good things about him. I think he's the player that they'll be interested in. Yeah. Darren Bieber's yep. Yeah. And there's some good corners there too, correct? So yeah, yeah, so there are. So I kind of on that note, one of my favorite things about senior bowl is you kind of you see these guys from the smaller schools and how do they do against power 5 competition? So I'll start I circle those guys who are the smaller school guys who I really want to see what they can do. The first guy circles, he's actually the first guy circled on this entire roster, believe it or not. Tariq woolen Tariq woolen from UTS a University of Texas, San Antonio. Marcus Davenport. Yeah. So they were really good this year. They were.

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