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Ruling won't make much difference the obama era director ended up stepping down truck replaced him with an interim who is much less aggressive about enforcement there's an ongoing lawsuit about that too chris arnold npr news president trump's announcement during last night state of the union address he intends to keep the us military prison at cuba's guantanamo bay open is drawing mixed reviews from saying last night he signed an executive order keeping the prison open on the grounds the us needs to be able to detain and question enemy combatants but he knows shamssi national security project director of the american civil liberties union says the president is making a big mistake hopefuls to full that doubling down on what has essentially become a national security and human rights disaster is the way to go but it is no reason was opened by president george w bush after the two thousand one terror attacks but critics say detainees have been held at guantanamo for decades without ever being charged the federal reserve at its first meeting of the earn final session chaired by janet yellen opted leverage key shortterm interest rate controls unchanged policymakers voting to keep rates in the still low range between one and a quarter in one and a half percent little reaction on wall street the dow was up seventy two points this is npr fan kqed news i'm mina kim north they congressman mike thompson says the director of the centers for disease control and prevention who stepped down today should never have been appointed in the first place political reported this week that brenda fitzgerald bought tobacco stock after starting her job as cdc director has statement from the department of health and human services says several financial complex we're keeping fitzgerald from doing her job congressman thompson says fitzgerald had to recuse herself from hearings held by the health committee that he's on we could not afford to help them spending their charm dog june enquiries or dodger in committee cure insert dodge.

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