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Update in the laurie. Follow case. This is robin. And i'm britain and that's why hate this stat and guys. Today is a day that we have all been waiting for for months now like the anticipation was killing me. Oh my gosh. I was seriously like on the edge of my seat watching that little state seal site okay. Any second we're going to see the judge. See the judge. I gassed out loud for no reason by myself as soon as the feed came through on my street no same and for those of you who've been following the case today was chad's arraignment and the purpose of the agreement is to basically over the charges and then a please entered as everyone knows brittany absolute best track record of all time when it comes to betting one. No i one time. She then so the bachelor was guilty or not guilty. I went not guilty. Because i think chats price floor i think he's gonna try signing this as much as he can and robin went guilty. I did guys. I thought for sure that knowing. What sacked against him. Chad would try to avoid the death penalty. Try to avoid lethal injection by just going ahead and pleading guilty i lost. I know britney a cup of coffee and this is a spoiler alert. I i want that of coffee. Like i just want like a giant gallon of it. I can make that happen with like twelve vincis but it was crazy so the raymond got off late. We were all sitting here waiting waiting waiting leading into further speculation. That child was in the back making a deal. Finally it happened so to set the stage behind. Chad were three of his children. That's right and not just that. But like the importance of them sitting behind him indicating they could've sat behind rob would but they're sitting behind him in support of chat if they were in support of. I guess their mom or the kids or anything they would have been sitting behind. Rob would And i just. I wanted to cry as judge. Boyce's reading the charges against chad in tammy debacles name came out..

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