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Interesting when you start to somebody comes to you and they're like hey man. I'm heavier than i wanna be. I need need help. You write out your are extra prescription has like hey you need to sleep better and they come back and they're like i haven't lost any weight yet in like any to sleep better they come back and he needed to sleep better and you keep saying it over and over again you finally start to get them to sleep better and this is something i've been communicating with people for a long time not so much about sleep and i don't know nearly the amount that you know when it comes to sleep but what i do know is that so many people in their effort to lose weight or in their effort to like feel healthier feel better they're going to the gym and they're really they're working faces off here and they are sleep deprived and not only are they sleep deprived and working their faces off but they're also calorie deprived and so each day is a really hard battle for them. They might do pretty good for two days or the three days. Then they fall off they go out with their buddies have a drink or whatever it might be and they kind of keep repeating the cycle and they really are working really really hard and i would say the majority of the time they're probably putting in you know seventy eighty percent of the time it probably pretty good here but pretty good isn't enough to kind of swing all those hormones moans in your favor to get you going and i've been trying to share with people as like. Let's figure out your sleep. Let's figure out your food. I have people eat more and they come back to me and i cannot even understand understand how this is working right because it doesn't make sense from what we hear with the calories in calories out debate you being a nutritionist kind. Of where do you stand stand. <hes> in terms of nutrition and you know what do you recommend. Oh man this is. This is huge man. <hes> i got into focus on asleep a necessity. I just didn't see anything in the market that made sense for people but man for me. Food was my bridge to change in my life you know and i think it's a really powerful onramp because could something we all do and we interact with you know multiple times a day consciously will unconsciously too sometimes but you know this is a very simple thing. Uh when i i went to a traditional university and i was taught by my overweight professor to have people expend more calories than they take in thermodynamics pyramid the whole thing like it was strong seven to eleven servings of whole grains. A day in man was following this advice. He was working hard he didn't they want to be in the state that i resent and for me. I didn't even know that food matter like that. I took the class.

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