Chicago Bulls, President George Herbert Walker, President Trump discussed on Chris Plante


President George Herbert Walker. Bush will be flown to Washington today where it will lie in state at the US capitol correspondent Caley heart tongue has the memorial scheduled for when the body is returned to Texas. We'll be a second memorial service on Thursday morning at Saint Martin's episcopal church the same church at Barbara Bush was celebrated in more than seven months ago. The president's remains will then be taken by train to his final resting place that in college station, Texas at Texas. I'm university the home of his presidential library, the president passed away. Friday. He was ninety four years old. The Chicago Bulls have fired head coach Fred Hoiberg. John Dempsey with that bulls. Chief John Paxson said firing Hoiberg was difficult, but necessary the bulls are mired at five and nineteen only two other teams in the league have worse records. Hoiberg has been the bulls coach for three and a half years winning one hundred fifteen games losing one hundred fifty five making only one playoff appear. Terrence this year injuries to key stars have hampered the balls. But the team says it's time for a new direction. Assistant coach Jim Boylan becomes the bulls. New head coach John Dempsey WLS AM eight one thousand nine hundred and President Trump says China has some good news for the US auto industry cherry Blinder with more after returning from Argentina where he and China's leader agreed to hit the pause button on the trade war between the two countries. President Trump tweeted that China has agreed to quote, reduce and remove tariffs on cars entering China from the US right now. Those tariffs are forty percent head right now on Wall Street to look in pretty good. The Dow up one hundred ninety two points twenty five seven thirty nine up seventy eight SNP up seventeen points residents in central Illinois Sunday assessing the.

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