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Like socks. W M v P. Chicago Play fake. Russell's gonna roll now is going to scramble that was gonna throw the answer. He's got such she hopes came in a cab, so they will and soon something. How significant is it when you can get down a guy and Murray to end the game for that defense, this defense been in witness protection program the whole season basically been. They've been awful for them to make that type of play for them to have this type of game. They needed a signature game like This footage defense empty backfield. Murray takes the snap. Look, gets him goes down. See offsite. Getting here was don't have horses to win this game. Guys. It's a football Friday J will is back in the house is Keyshawn J. Willet Zubrin presented by progressive insurance. He fired up or what? You know, that's all that's college boards from man. You see Jack it out. You're so Friday today. I love it Friday. E don't know. None of this words I just know. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Just pour the beer over your head. Just shake it. No, you one of those, You know those in college? No way. Not a chance. Not only sometimes you have those moments, not the beer on top of the head a lot of college bar stuff, but not to be on top of him. All right? I didn't start drinking to my Senior year in college. Then what happened, huh? You know a lot of stress in my life these days, Mr Mr Indeed, that what you just heard is on 7 10, ESPN in Seattle. So here's the deal, fellas. It's a football Friday. I was talking to key right before the show. Great to have J. Back with this is well fresh off. The draft will talk about free agency, which begins at 6 P.m. Eastern Time tonight, NBA Free agency a little different this year, but always something that gets the attention of the sports fan Ke told me yesterday You watched every single snap from the Getting to end in the best way I can put it is Russell Wilson made plays, but he didn't have to make every play and Seattle's defense, which we have been waiting for for a long time, stepped up game winning sack game clinching sack. But you know, Seattle's defense was actually a term, I guess. Yeah, we finally used him in the same sentence. The guy they picked up just 16 days ago, Carlos Dunlap coming up with the third sack of the night, second for him to stall in Arizona Drive. They had gotten all the way down there to the 27 yards. Lined with about 38 ticks to go. Murray goes down. Down goes Arizona. You know, what I want to do is I want to educate not only the fan base that listen to us and watch us on television also want to educate you too. Hmm. There's something called Don't ever count people out when you when you get Bill Bella Chicks, Mike Tomlin's Pete Carroll, Sean Payton's Andy Reid's When you start talking about them. Don't count him out because they know what they're doing. We're not talking about Adam Gates here. This is not one of those situations. You know what I'm saying? This is not mad. Maggie. This is Pete Carroll. What did he Do to get his job as the first time head coach and for the New York Jets, defense, defense defense. He's not gonna You think he's gonna forget that overnight. It may take a while. To rebuild something, but between Kinard, who played defense that went to Super Bowls in one and Pete Carroll, they know how to create a defense. They went out and got two guys in Jamal Adams, who had a big night. Not necessarily a statistical night, but a night of being around being noticed. In the mix, and then Carlos Dunlap, two sacks on the night. He did his job. He did exactly what they thought he would do when they went out and acquired him from the Cincinnati Bengals. And I think people get lost in All their defense is so bad Look at the buffalo Bills did to him. They got shredded this team just chill. Kansas City's defense was not great. Last year toward the end of the season, they became one of the better defense is in the National Football League. And I think over time, Seattle's defense will get better. Everyone keeps holding the standard to the legion of Boom. Because the Legion of boom is the reason they got to two Super Bowls it has shifted since then it shifted to a heavy pass run ornamented offense until they started to get a running game going like they did last night now. Every time I look up, it seemed like they was put a different running back here. And it may have not been the case. But I saw Carlos. Hi. I saw both scar, but I'm like wicked book. I was with Moses. Alabama haven't seen focus out of it. What did he come from? And then all of a sudden, you think about Case on didn't play. Penny was sharpening to God he drafted out of San Diego State towards a C L A year so ago he'll be coming back. So you start to Get playmakers and players back. Plus when you go back and you look at the first victory against Arizona had against Seattle wasn't like Arizona. They won in overtime. So whatever little mistakes that Seattle made to lose that football game, they're going to correct those mistakes, and they did it and you saw the results last night and mighty mouse through some incredible passes. I mean, when you think about it, I mean, he has a kid is dying. He has He has dimes. And when you think about Colin Murray, obviously him getting out of the pocket and creating all those rushing yards key throughout the course of a game like that's a differentiator, especially considering you know the way they run the ball being one the best run offices there is in the league..

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