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But damn Chick fil A is good. Police say the 47 year old woman visited the location multiple times, posing as a federal agent threatening, threatening to arrest employees who didn't comply with her demands. S O. Police finally arrived to arrest her. And you know, you gotta give her credit continued to insist he was an agent saying she was she was talking into her shirt like she was talking into a radio and she was being handcuffed. And actually, you know how like police officers kind of lean into their shoulder. They're gonna CB radio or something right or Secret Service agents talking to the cough of there, so leave like they're talking to somebody she was doing that she was being handcuffed. And here at the hammer, Nigel, Show him, er we actually have exclusive audio of this arrest. I am an F B I agent. No man, any wild kind of sounds like key. Anna Rees and Patrick Swayze e a little bit tonight. Back. That was the Lady it Chick fil a in Georgia posing as an FBI agent. I love she was talking into her shirt where there was not a radio and I can't stress that enough. Like the arresting officers would be Like. Are you wearing a radio? No, And that's it. That's the end of the ball camp. It's the 93. W IBC mash up. More schools are moving online. This is what's happening. Grove community school, middle and high school students to virtual learning. Frequent updates. Beech Grove High School is also going virtual at the top and bottom of the hour have reached a very dangerous phase in the pandemic. Colbert Vaccines something new 90%. Effective. This vaccine, even if approved, will not be widely available for many months yet to come. The bottom line where a mass 93 double until the land of the free, it's free of racism. Well, why don't you see you join the movement for change? Y W c. A dartboard Flash until Justice just is UI bc mobile news.

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