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Will be taken through eminent domain is that a fair process keystone is treated me more than fair that's helpful farmer Todd Tibbets who owns a one mile stretch of land in northeast Montana that the pipeline would cross after things cool down he tells me the pipelines owner T. C. energy would give him a stipend worth two percent of his annual income but the big winners I think locally is going to be the county for schools roads hospitals that's because the pipeline could more than double property tax receipts in some counties this dialogue is what James do we a spokesperson for the state department says was the point of Tuesday's event gathering those comments is really important and you know and you've heard me say this and I'll say it again like we we think it's really important that people write those comments down so they can be part of the record the comment period for the state department's environmental draft ends November eighteenth but the pipeline continues to be challenged on multiple legal fronts for NPR news I'm a live your Rheingold in Billings Montana president trump is counting on a strong economy to help him win reelection next year but new numbers from the commerce department this morning show the economy lost steam during the summer and early fall GDP grew at an annual pace of just one point nine percent in the third quarter well below the White House target here's NPR Scott Horsley weak economic growth in the third quarter follows a sluggish second quarter when the economy grew at an annual pace of just two percent at this point it would take an economic miracle to achieve the three point two percent growth rate for the full year predicted in the president's budget we won't get a three plus percent growth rate for the that's not gonna happen chief economist Diane Szwarc of grant Thornton says third quarter growth was hobbled in part by temporary factors including the strike at General Motors and the continued grounding of Boeing seven thirty seven MAX jets but the slowdown also reflects a steady decline in business investment the GOP tax cut was supposed to promote a surgeon business spending and the White House promised that would supercharge you canonic growth but swung says many businesses have grown skittish in the face of weak demand over sis and the president's trade war the uncertainty tax that we're paying with regard to trade businesses don't know where to place your bets and don't know where to invest when they don't know where the next terrorist are gonna come from and so that's been one of the biggest waits on the US economy despite the flashing warning signs the president continues to boast about the economy telling reporters during a cabinet meeting last week it's his ticket to a second term I have the strongest economy ever it's the economy stupid right at the strongest economy in the history of our country to be sure the nation's unemployment rate is near a fifty year low and as trump noted earlier this week the S. and P. five hundred stock index just hit an all time high does anybody have a four one K. that's everybody other presidents have been wary of hitching their political fortunes to a volatile stock market but economist mark Zandi says trump shows no such reservations because the only focus is what mark up but nonetheless he's got its finger on something the market matters a lot it's the real time broader of how the economy is doing and people perceive it that way Zandi than his colleagues at moody's analytics have built a model that uses a variety of economic indicators including the stock market household income unemployment and gasoline prices to help predict the outcome of next year's presidential race for now then he says the economy is working in trump's favor if the economy is performing a year from now roughly like it is today in his approval rating is roughly the same and of course if turnout is typical then they given the economics he will win he will win the presidency twenty twenty sandy says that could change though if the economic slowdown triggers a drop in the stock market or a jump in unemployment a spike in voter turnout could also help Democrats especially the key battlegrounds of Michigan Wisconsin and Pennsylvania sandy notes all three of those states have a lot of factories and farms businesses in the cross hairs of the president's trade war those are the industries are actually suffering the most right now so ironically the president's trade war is doing the most damage to the economies of those states that will matter most to his reelection bid if transposing attention that sandy thinks the president will find a face saving way to avoid escalating the trade war if not he says drums own political stock could suffer as well.

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