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Section row cheat. And by the way August twenty, four, th a new home for the Patrick Show on peacock and it's free. And cannot be happier to be partners with NBC sports and Peacock again. So just letting you know we'll give you more details on how you can find us as we have our new TV partner. Yes Pauling yeah we join peacock and then this morning on the today show time stuff. Yeah. A Zahn Savannah Savannah and Craig were there with me on the Today Show I. Think Savannah really loves my voice. It's nice to hear I. Very Nice Craig's very Nice Guy Fan of the show. So it was nice. Maybe this can be kind of a weekly appearance on the today show. All right one hour books two more to go down in the dench. Dan Patrick. Show. Are you zoomed out Netflix wants to many welcome to the Carlos Watson show a brand new TV show from Ozzy we deep unreal with Andrew Young. What would you done differently to actually won the whole thing? Hung out with you a little bit more Sean Spicer Black lives matter. Does it make anyone's life there? They leave the bulk of the doors. We bring you the conversations you need to hear to make sense of this crazy year join me Carlos Watson on the Ozzy Youtube Channel we're listening to the podcast version on the iheartradio APP apple podcasts or wherever else you listen. I'm John Horn host of the podcast Hollywood the sequel on every episode where Challenging Producers Actors and directors to tell us what's broken in Hollywood and how they'd fix it. Here's producer Eva to rename unending systemic racism. Not Enough a statement. One black executives not enough to is not enough. Your accompanying must look like the real world and we're tackling other problems like keeping everybody safe onset and fixing Hollywood's broken GIG economy. Here's Mulan Producer Jason. Read the financial pressured to. Do less with more in terms of days. Running crew twelve to fourteen hours six days a week wasn't a sustainable model before and it's definitely not a sustainable model. Now listen to Hollywood the sequel on the iheartradio APP. Apple podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts..

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