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The defensive mode blood. Close to our extremities are pupils pinpoint are breathing gets more rapid and shallow and focused because we're either gonna fight that tiger or gonna run like crazy from the tire. And so this is the fight or flight mode. And what this does what what this is activated by the in the sympathetic nervous system is releasing adrenalin throughout the whole body cortisol throughout the whole body. And and I'm sure we've all had moments when we were really scared. You know, somebody slam on the brakes in front of us, you know, unexpectedly and we narrowly missed a collision or something and afterwards were trembling. And we're not sure whether we're trembling with rage, or anger or fear. But what happened is that you are are are are sympathetic nervous system had released a boost of cortisol and adrenaline to protect us than to have us working. Now by maters design when the sabertooth Tigers gone or the gang members turned out to be a prop set for movie, or it turns out that. Oh, no. It was John Smith. That's losing his job, not Maine or whatever other misunderstandings that after a while we're supposed to go back to a relaxed state kind of the thing. So in other words, the the sympathetic nervous system is supposed to have an on and off switch, but John Bradshaw who is a therapist the eighties made the wonderful observation that instead of it being on or off in this day and age this fast paced and age where there are so many demands of on us that instead of being on or off that it kinda functions. More like a pilot light in a hot water heaters, always just going. And so as a result, there's always kind of a low grading Zayed. There's always just a little bit of anxiety a little bit of adrenaline a little bit of Korda's. Zoll always going through which is why. Then when we get stressed out are stressing to Zaza bait so quickly, and that's why you know, we develop ulcers and all kinds of psycho genyk illnesses because we have these very powerful chemicals constantly corden through our body, not at the the level of, you know, the immediate threat, but it like I said like the pilot light on on a gas heater. It's constantly going. Well, the other function and other function of the central nervous system is what we call the para sympathetic dervishes. Okay. So if you had the sympathetic nervous system, which is for art conversations a fighter flight adrenaline, cortisol stress. Worrying Zayed's, you know, force content kind of stuff. The Paris pathetic nervous system has has been what is activated has been called the feed or breed. Read syndrome. So compared the fight or flight to the feed or breed in other words in the wild when a deer feels threatened. It's going to fight or flight from whatever the predator is when the deer finally feel safe it will stop, and it will eat it will rest it will procreate. And this the same thing with us as humans when we go from fighter flight to this. Feeder breed WinCo from the sympathetic to the para sympathetic nervous system, then oxytocin and a whole different range of endorphins flood our body our heartbe returns to normal. Our creativity increases our ability to appreciate the people that we love increases. And so very often my work in the beginning stages of Noces is to teach people how to move. Live from this anxious worried sympathetic nervous system into the relaxed para sympathic system because that's when the subconscious mind opens to us. Mournful a love that explanation..

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