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And for a week we got, we got plans now everybody knows what they're doing on Christmas. Everyone know now been wondering, I forget about the pre show meeting now. I know what you're talking exact same thing. I've been doing the last handful of years working ten hours and right, but at least we know who you'll be watching and we'll get into that and get up and go. Let's start with that. Let's get you everything going on in the world sports. It seems to always start with the Red Sox these days. The first team in baseball do eighty weeks. They were the first team to seventy wins at felt like yesterday, a ten, seven, ten inning win at the Blue Jays and it's JD. Martinez was major league leading thirty fourth home run along the way. They won eighty of their first one hundred and fourteen games. How about Martinez? JD's been unbelievable. I mean easy. Been a monster Fenway, but than with the free run home and think about this. They come off series against the Yanks. They blow a save with Kim Ron the road and say whatever. He'll be five months. Yankees needed access to win. Also Giancarlo Stanton, giving the Yankees, a lead in the tenth inning with twenty six run of the year is they go on to win it four, three and thirteen over Chicago Jose Abreu who would tie this game in the bottom of the inning. Zach Britton blowing a save opportunity there. And so they would go to the thirteenth and it's Miguel Andrew hard delivering. Go ahead RBI single in the top of the frame, sunny gray, the much-maligned three scoreless get into wind, read it. Jail was all over this Yankees. Things we were talking about yesterday. They'd be the league or division leader in every other division except for the absolutely and you can't afford it. This point of the season be losing to the white box extra NS. They gotta done heavy rains in Saint Louis. Tiger Woods was able to get into five practice holes at bell..

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