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I'm watching the Packers yesterday. And I'm thinking, you know, Green Bay reminds me of remind me of that sitcom. That's like great for seven years. And then you can kinda tell at year seven it tails off it's not as funny, they kind of lose their creative edge. And so the sitcom decides to bring in a new character to add life to it. Like the office brought in James spader or friends brought in like Paul Rudd. And it's either a resurrection of that sitcom or it marks the end of the sitcom, and if you ever noticed that sitcom after about six seven years that the top actors now get producing credits, so they get a little more power, and they get a little more money. And when you watch the credits at the end of the show, they're actors and the executive producer role. And that's what Green Bay feels like like, okay. Let's bring in another guy. We've lost our creative edge here. Let's bring in another guy and Greg Jennings said earlier you bring in another guy does Aaron have a relationship with him Willie respect him, even if he's a hot. Shot. Guru Greg Jennings. Talked about the danger in bringing in a new guy with Aaron Rodgers the luxury might McCarthy had was that he had a relationship with Brett Farr gone dating back this early coaching days. And so the Green Bay Packers. Understood we can bring this guy in because he's going to have Brett's attention. There's gonna be no coats that really has a relationship with Aaron Rodgers. So you're going to be coming in starting from scratch. Can you be picking up thick-skinned enough strong willed and strong minded enough to butt heads with that at times and tell him? No, this is how we're going to do it. This is what you need to know. And this is how I can help you grow. That's gonna be the challenge for the Green Bay Packers. It really is. There's gonna be a lot of challenges here. And it does have a sitcom feel to it. Like, all these great doesn't matter. If it's Seinfeld curb your enthusiasm. You get about seven years into that thing in you'll lose your creative edge. Modern family friends. They're still funny and they're still relevant. But you bring in somebody to inject a new angle on it easier to write to and sometimes it's a resurrection. But most of the time it kind of marks the end the end of the sitcom, so we'll see what the new guy does pros in the nose start with Lowe's. Five percent off on eligible purchases. Made every day with a Lowe's business credit account. Exclusions apply. See store for details. US only joy Taylor with the news..

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