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Yours with rocket mortgage push button get mortgage the latest on the driver accused of running down and killing a brother and sister we'll get to that in a moment but first cover radio real time traffic good afternoon Tracy Taylor had Abbas we have reports of a crash right now that's on the five twelve heading westbound closer to woodland so there is some slowing as we approach the scene but we clear are reckoned fifteenth it just south of armory way it was a red reported on south twenty five out near cells and it was taken at the two center lanes I see some slowing in that area but that's pretty much the norm for this time of the afternoon the valley freeway from touching go outside of four oh five working its way into offered you were going to find some slowing on north on four or five in a court when that north on five dry starting to ramp up after a north gate and working our way in about like terrorists pretty slim though from just after the Boeing freeway past highway to traffic is going to be a little on the slower side especially for those of you on a cellphone a five after highway eighteen heading out towards the it's coming down and now we're starting to see is some slower traffic around joint base Lewis McChord traffic brought to you by a whole foods market get thirty five percent off package teas and herbal teas and hopeful whole foods market through December seventeenth while supplies last find all your prime deals on the whole foods market Aptiva radio real time traffic I'm Tracy Taylor now from the Cairo radio news center my northwest dot com prosecutors have until the end of the day to charge a woman who was allegedly high on math when she drove her car onto an Aurora Avenue sidewalk killing a brother and sister cover seven TV's Deborah horn has more on the victim's Rebecca and Michael Richmond Lewis and Clark law school in Portland confirmed Rebecca graduated.

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