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One of two with the line. He had 11 rebounds. So a double double 13 points and 11 rebounds to go along with two assists and two blocks, And he sits down with us now What's going on Drew? Hey, are you guys doing good? Good to have you back on the on the postgame show. We had your early on in the season and, you know, do you got off to such a great start this season? Ever since the break, though it seems like you've been struggled the last couple games your fuel your percentages, which were so high came down and then the first half was sort of the same way. Today You were struggling with the turnover bug. What? All the sudden click for you here in the second half, because you certainly look the player that we had seen early on in the year. Right. You know exactly, you know, coming off the break. I had a couple bad. James Cole shooting, um bad games and I really wasn't impacting the floor and I think I get myself going when I'm impacting the floor on more than one way not only scoring but passing and rebounding. And a half time I really, You know, I just got to kind of get aggressive in there, and I had a smaller guy on me and I got I think three offensive rebounds. It's really got me going and I was able to, you know, get a cold post touches in there, and it just, you know, really sparked my entire game. And, you know, especially when we're getting stops on the defensive end, get our offense run and stuff like that. It just It feels good to be out there and, you know Get this win going into our next road trip? Yes, funny. The last time I talked to you, the one thing you said to me is I need to get my rebounds up and you did it today. I mean, was it simply just Hey, you're gonna have a lot of smaller guys on you because you guys are the tallest team in the country. So you know, it's sort of get size down and you are big and there's advantages of disadvantages, right? You're seeing a lot of guards. They're trying to crawl under you. And, you know, get into your handle. But in terms of how you could take advantage, it seems like it inside is the way to do it. Yeah, I mean, we got a lot of tall players and we use that today especially gets a couple smaller guards. You know, we're forward, forcing the guards off the three point line right into you know, a couple the best gigs in the country. Maybe the best front court. And you know that's what we get us a result we get. They shot a really low percentage and we ended up. You know, we had a good amount of turnovers. We got to clean that up, but we shot really well and you know what was great is, you know, even without Evan and I say, a scorned as much they're real, but the impact the game so much with on the defensive end and just being able to look out and pass the guys and I think that's what's so good about our teams. We got such a high I Q and anyone could score on any given day. And we just want to win. You know, going in next week? It's ah, some big momentum for us. Yeah, I was calling you guys, the free agents. You know this, this group of transfers that came in transfers, grad transfers. You guys really carried it today. Four of you in double figures. ET with 18. You had 13 Isaiah Whitehead 12 and And she has good one had a had 11. How how? How's this group unable to assimilate all these new players so quickly, you know, especially given the you know. Let's practice time that you'd hoped for less canton. You'd hope for nothing. Nothing being normal, but But you guys sure have found chemistry quickly. Yeah, You know, I could just say we got a great group of guys and we got you know such good people on the team and we're ready to go. We're locked in, and we just got guys that want to win, and it's playing simply, You know, no one's trying to be selfish out there and everybody's got the same goal. That's you know, to win the Pac 12 and make March madness to make a deep run. And so when you get that, and you got games like this were all locked in like that As a team, Anyone could do anything and, you know, we get a big win like this. We talk a lot about offense, and you're listening to true Peterson our coaching the game. We talked a lot about offense, you know, just in general in sports, right? But but, you know, field Cliches. Defense wins championships and it's certainly won this game. I mean, you end up with 64 points. And if you score 64 1 by 18. You did something right defensively. The numbers. I don't know if you have them in front of you. I just I just read him to coach. They're pretty startling. I mean, you guys held them. 24 of 30 shooting in the second half. That's that's 13% reaches almost smelling blood out there. I mean, it seemed like there was a stretch. We were getting shot clock violations and you touch just could not get it. Look. Yeah, right. You know, I played our strength today because, you know, we nemesis. I'm running guys off the line. They got phenomenal shooters. And luckily we have you know some of the best Biggs even with Chavez and Josh Morgan, and I've seen the Mobley brothers, we just run him right into them. And, you know, having does his thing. I say it does this thing and it really works out for us when we can force him right nor Biggs, and we're not jumping where we played a really discipline game today, and I think that's what won it for us was three games in five days. Tough on the legs. Three. All right. I think it was touches for the fact that we have two weeks off and, you know, especially jumping right into conference play of Colorado. We only have a couple practice before hands. Definitely unique situation. But Being able to bounce back like this, especially going to next week. And now you know, finally getting a few days off will be big for us, but we're excited. We're ready to go. And we think you know we could make a really good showing the Pac 12. All right. You're going to to son next, It's the McKale Center. Not not quite. His fierce of maybe is it would be in previous years is I don't know. I don't know there no fans or if they're just a lot of friends and family and what the story is there, But it certainly won't be a Rockets McKale center, but But do you think that there's you know something that this team needs to Dutilleux? Take this winning mentality on the road or, you know, doom or less See all these games a little bit is neutral Court games and everything is there to be won. Yes, definitely different year this year and it being our first Pac 12 road ship. We've got to be locked in and we're gonna have a good early in the week practice and good scout, and I think we were just honestly ready to go from the start today. And you know, even though they made a little run, we kind of locked back in regretted down and we really took it back to him after they kind of trying to get physical, honest, I think that'll be big for next week Going. It's too physical teams and two teams with a lot of town, so I think we got really good potential going to next week, But we got to stay locked in and humble. Can't wait. USC Arizona, The McKale Center doesn't get a whole lot better. That's why.

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