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We'll hear from Joe Thomas here in a few minutes. Randy's trying to get him on the phone. You better not get stood up by your your your fellow. Badger Bucky, Bucky. No sucky the other day, Marquis. Better way sucking You better hope, Buck. You don't suck. You hear that? They were really good against Maryland. And then last night I got in a fight. Extinct fight with bad boy. You're not really a fucking boils Very upset about his MSU squad. Mean boy, They 37 point even played in a while. Because a cove it right in the 37 points last night. It's no good. What are they? Five and six? I don't know. Some other over 500 delegate in five of you guys know I saw this last night on big tenant with the game was on Fox. Actually think writers on Fox sports last night I was watching that what you watch? I saw the staff. When was the last time Michigan State, Duke, North Carolina and Kentucky were all unranked? The last time they were all on right. Not one of those teams is in the top 25 right now Duke, North Carolina, Kentucky and Michigan State. I'll say like 84 84. Okay, I was saying, I think it's even earlier than that. I would bet Somewhere in the seventies and 1973 1973. I mean, that's older than me, Miller. I'm an old man. I'm confused. Maybe it's just a guess. Randall Tex 81 81. 1961. Yes, he was right. You're right, Miller, they said that's older than the good kid December. 1961 was the last time all four of those powerhouse schools were unranked. And then last night on our big Tex chain. I mean it. Merkin and Pat boils on at the same room with each other. What's going on? I thought they were gonna throw down at one time. What we should do is read does okay? You do your do your Al Pacino and I'll do my Bobby DeNiro. My Bobby DeNiro consists of a little bit little bit little bit a little bits ultimately bit little bit. Yep. Gotta try to find I'm Tanya. You'll be good. We printed out certain fast food chains took a took shots as well. I don't know. I don't know where as well Yeah. Last night. Let me guess. Chick fil a I'm not gonna offend it. Oversexed sponsorship opportunities I got you. I think somebody's taking a shot at Caldor's All right. Hey, he's trying to get your attention. I think we have those ready. Yeah, Let's bring him in. He is on Twitter. You should be following him. He is at Joe Thomas 73. You'll be going into the Hall of Fame in a couple of years. And I know Americans very excited. Any time we get to talk to a badger in your course excited any time we get to talk to a Cleveland Brown since you were there with 2014 was top Joe Thomas joins us on the Corona Hotline on ESPN. 1000 Joe, How are you? I'm doing great guys take care of me on. Well, thank you for coming on you. No, man, You look great. Since you're playing, they stopped. You want to put on like £50 again broke up and play for the Bears could need attack that we need to tackle it by any chance or like areas at this point, like, no, I'm done. It's in the rear view. You know, I'm happy watching other people work on Sundays. So I'm like the postman. I don't work on Sundays anymore. You tweeted earlier this Shawn Watson to the 40 Niners. You heard it here first. You're breaking our heart. First of all, Why do you think the 4900 Shawn Watson? It wasn't like I came up with that idea because it just makes too much. That's right. For me when I look at, like, all right. Just Houston is going to have to do something with the Shawn Watson. They've already lost some value because, he said, I'm not playing here, so everybody that's dealing with them knows he can't stay there. But also there's a huge surplus of quarterbacks that our veterans that are proven winners that are going to be available to stop seasons. I think Market value, typically of a quarterback of the Sean Watson's ability and youthfulness is usually it's so expensive. It's impossible to trade him, but because of things I just mentioned I think What could make sense is that the Shawn lost into the 40 Niners in exchange for Jimmy Garoppolo and a first round pick because, as you guys know, the new GM in Houston is a former New England Patriots guy. He was there when they drafted Jimmy G. And they saw Jimmy G and all former Patriots players coaches. They think that once you're a patriot, you learned the only way to win in the NFL. And so we got to replicate exactly what Bill Belichick was doing. Certainly necessary. Who's the new GM with protections is going to think that if I could get Jimmy G, and I can add a first round pick, which they don't have a lot of draft choices because Bill O'Brien lit a match and threw it into his House of newspapers on the way out by giving away most of his draft picks to try to build his roster that got him fired. Um, but If they're able to do that, it seems like a win win for me and the 40. Niners are loving the opportunity to potentially get to Sean walks and who would fit perfectly, and Kyle Shanahan boffins because concert ends offense is best. You have a quarterback to control deep down the field because he loves those play actions where he's getting guys. 40 50 60 yards down the field and you can throw those bombs. But also he wants a quarterback that's very mobile that's able to throw accurately outside the pocket on bootlegs and spread it spread out, and that's who dash on Austin is, and I think the 40 Niners see themselves as Quarterback away from being a Super Bowl champion. And I think that the Houston Texans feel like they can reboot and re program their entire team right now by adding a first round pick Getting a guy in Jimmy G. Who the GM really likes. And really kind of starting to build back up again in that manner because they know that they just can't keep the Shawn Watson is all the conjecture. We hear about four first round picks for For for the quarterback. Is that just what it is? It's crap. It is not realistic. It's not. It's not realistic, because typically, like I said, You know, if the shop wants is the only guy available, there's usually you know 10 to 15 teams that are dying for a young franchise quarterback that's under contract. But if you will get all the quarterbacks, they're going to potentially be available this offseason, including the guy who was the M V P of the leader is going to be the end between the league this year and Aaron Rodgers There's uncertainty there, he said it himself after the game. So you look at Aaron Rodgers and Matt Stafford and the list goes on of veteran quarterbacks. We're gonna be available. It's much more of a buyer's market right now, if you're in the market for a starting quarterback, and so there's no way they'll be able to get The amount of money our draft picks that they're saying four first rounders. It just doesn't make sense, especially when they every team knows they have to move on from two Shawn Watson. No. Thomas is our gas. Carmen in your colony has been 1000 and ESPN. Chicago after you explain what Kyle Shanahan's offense is, why would be a good fit? What? It looks like what he wants to do from your seat. What is Matt Maggie's offense? Well, it's a lot like any reason offense, and that doesn't mean that Shawn Watson would be a great fit. And that happens to Shawn Watson. The reason we're talking about you saying four first rounders, Okay? Let's let's be more realistic. It was a normal year, maybe two first round picks and then somebody later on like he's not like he's on his rookie contract if he was on his rookie contract, Super cheap Then maybe you could justify more pics, but he's already just re signed a deal. So the Valley's he's playing for three and you can build the whole team around him. Like once you get him, he's gonna take up a lot of your salary cap. But Talking about Matt Maggie's offense. He's got a pretty good creative offense. I think we've seen he could replicate the stuff that Andy Reid does with Patrick Mahomes. And what makes that offense great. A lot of things that may have made the Sean lots of good right. Patrick Mahomes is very mobile. You got a great arm. He's really smart, like those things that Sean watching does. So does Sean goes to the Bears. I could definitely see a lot of success there, but I just wonder. How do they get it? Done, right. I don't know if they can get it done as easily as the 40. Niners could just because, like I mentioned the 40 Niners have Garoppolo hate to break it to you guys. But not sure Travesty is going to be commanding the same in Houston..

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