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OJ Howard Howard given the state of the tight end position is a top twelve played for me this week. He's the only tied in with fifty or more receiving yards in each of the first three weeks, eighteen percent of routes results in reception so far this year. That's a higher rate than Zach ertz or rob gronkowski so far this year given that he's just a big body and I think they struggle to move the ball I and they don't, frankly have great pass. Catching running back. They use frequently. I think OJ Howard who's going to be near the line of scrimmage a little bit more. I think you see him get more looks than normal. In this one. I'm a top twelve play. Hasn't been a slow start for Allen Robinson or Trey Burton Burton's found the end a little bit Robbins did a ten catch game, but we've seen this bucket nears pass defense, which has can before you get into the whole thing. I'm just curious because I think this will be helpful for people. I've just given the whole reason why I'm nervous about Ryan Fitzpatrick. Is there, is there something specific as to why you are so high on Fitzpatrick versus is it just just what he's done? The first three game. The first regains she a pretty good reason to think about his possibility of being a top ten quarterback. They cannot run the football as you just said, and all we talked about how, hey, Fitzpatrick had three interceptions, but those really weren't his. Deter him from continuing to throw the ball down the field. That to me is ultimately the volume outweighs any the mistakes, the countered that would be that they don't have Ben Rothlisberger on the other side shocking which me. I mean, I think this is somewhat of a low scoring game. I'm not Mitch Trubisky guy at the moment. I think he struggles. I think that's offense. Struggles as bad as the buccaneers defense is. I don't think they put up so many points here that fits has to start slinging it the way he did against Ben right in the same way, did it against an excellent Philadelphia defense with the crappy passing offense, fair in the same way. We, you know, like yeah. A potentially good New Orleans defensely slung over the yard there. My point is this is that like maybe we need to think of it this way the buccaneers in terms of skill vision, guys, skill position guys are running back in terms of wide receiver and tight end like maybe take Kansas City over them, but they're just that good is what I would say. I say he's not a top ten minutes, a quarterback, you wanna double down. That would be weird. Say he's going to be a top fifteen, but you have a top ten player. I'm asking you. By saying you, if you're doubling down, you would save on top twenty play well, he's he's higher than that for me right now. But yes, I time I top fifteen right? And I'm asking you not talk about it team, leaving fifteen away. You don't wanna bet with Matthew along to the bears must have it with me. I get tons of offers abets this asking just wanna see how confident is and that fits. He is going to be top ten guy this week. Let's move along to the bears. Allen Robinson has had at least seven targets. Each game this season and Trey Burton has scored. Is this a week or all of a sudden the passing offense even better because this bucks defense has been much maligned. Although he was an easy target on Monday night, Chris conscious on injured reserve, like he was a starter for them, whether you have. No defense. It's been banged up Chris Conte having the best tweet of of the week last night. If you missed it on Twitter, he tweeted for the game and hopes. Somebody gets stiff arm tonight because obviously he is now will know poster boy for that for that going forward. Look, I, I mean, I think you're absolutely starting in Robinson, seven targets in every single game. So far this year he's tied for twelve among wide receivers and target so far this year truancies been very much kind of a one read guy so far early going in. So as we talk about the struggles of the Tampa Bay secondary Robinson's is going to get a tunnel looks in great matchup here as for Burton, you're starting them because the tight end position is just a wasteland..

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