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Taking a look at WGN sports this morning. What's happening? Joe brand's? What's happening is one of the most unique baseball games on the south side happened last night, Detroit, coughed up to seven run leads Jose Abreu cost. The White Sox a run when he passed up. Tim Anderson on the base paths during what would have been a Homer. But then Tim Anderson made everything better in the ninth inning. Swung. Got a chance. Interscience first home run since the controversial bat toss he had against Kansas City Anderson celebration last night was pretty much the same. Theatrics. A bit of a scare though Eloy Jimenez, going down in the third inning trying to scale the walls and left field. His x rays were negative. He'll get another look at it today. Socks are hoping. It's just an ankle sprain. The socks are also hoping to get tonight's game. In with the Detroit. Tigers pregame show with Andy majors at five thirty five and DJ's. Call at six ten right here on seven twenty WGN. The cubs drop back to five hundred with an eight two three loss to Arizona down in the desert. Kris Bryant homered for the first time since opening day. I'll be by as went deep as well. But Kyle Hendricks suffered his fourth loss of the year. His ERA has now risen to five thirty three season cubs D-Backs teed up again tonight at chase field at seven ten to the NFL draft the bears traded up to acquire Iowa State running back. David Montgomery in the third round Montgomerie has been touted as an explosive runner in the hole. With strong Atlanticism. But GM Ryan pace isn't excluding his ability to catch the.

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