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The teams around them are also losing including the islanders another one of those teams that should get two points against arizona they did get one but arizonans of winning that game three two two in overtime the former flyer nick cousins get the first goal of the game for arizona and gets the game winner in overtime so the islanders to get a point but you know you the islanders you're the devil's you're going up against teams that are behind you in the standings and you need those points and you want to try to get back on track on that didn't happen and calgary's the other team they did get a point but they lose to buffalo two one as eichel gets the gamewinning goal over time they're so interesting how you can't really just start you know just predicting points right you start looking past teams you start just assuming that those are going to be wins you can get bit you know teams like buffalo teams like arizona to the lat worst teams in the league they can beat you on a given night and if you're not engaged in if you don't play well you are going to get beaten that's the way this league is now you know there's no more guaranteed win just a matter of how many times you're going to score there were times when you know detroit went to certain places and they knew they were gonna win that's not the way this leagues anymore and certainly for teams like the devil's in the islanders in the flames who aren't exactly worldbeaters they just happened to be playoff contenders but they're not necessarily teams that are the best and league nagata monuc's in queues and you leave points on the table we've been talking about it there's going to be a team that's going to be pretty good it's could miss by a pointer to in the look back at that point they left in arizona the look back at that shutout loss at home against an inferior team and say that's the reason that we missed the playoffs you can't have that happen.

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