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Yes let's silver does have some properties. It's like that's right and it's used in modern times it's it's well known that's toxic to bacteria and even into some cloth as well that's right and it's commonly. It's still doing 'cause I've been missing for a little while but it was very abe is used on. Burns to protect against infection on. So it's using that even my light elderly mother I. I know that some bandages were recommended. She I don't know whether she burned herself or she. She's felon scraped her skin badly on her leg. And you know it was something that needed to build. And she was recommended to use bandages. Which will silver impregnated pain again exactly for that? Same reason and there are medical devices which have cuttings on them that or the peaks zone. And I'm actually a recipient over toy titanium divorcee me that had a silver coating on it and it's a little bit more high tech had done it's got molecular changes to the surface that are also just boy. Physical makeup prevent infections will so silver still use commonly for that. But the difference is that this is like a an idea which has got some merit. That's taken too far by people who have very little. We can seem lots of silver guys play too much into. That's what happens when you got blue but I mean it can be toxic carpet if too much. So we're actually has quite a low toxicity. So these people who have this Blue Man Syndrome with Aragon area and I think They died. I'm particularly unwell. But it can lead to severe toxicity liver toxicity and all these other things. There's no good way reversible to affirms aware you stay blue you can't. It's very hard to get rid all over via system once it goes in. I don't hold me for an awful long time. You'RE GONNA REMAIN BLUE. Also whatever what what is it makes you go orange. Do you know from carrot cherry juice. Speculating THAT TRUMP. Is Mike up swimming a little makeup and he joins us but that's more yellow than orange. So that's my voice. Some advice we can give the poor people of America. He can get hold of any bacterial rising up your silver causing a little right. I WanNa thank patrons because they haven't been thank for a long time so listen if you need to this program. We have a spot on Patriot. We can donate a dollar show is all we ask at a bit more if you like. And that helps to cover some expenses and some people have been doing an awful long time on looking guy cry. He's been heightened since the twenty second of March two thousand seventeen. Oh my goodness you're coming up too in five days time it'll be anniversary we going so thank you for being with us so from the top. Thank you Sean Jenny. Craig John Lane. And why? Not a Jahmai? Allison Steve Tiny kaitlyn Jimmy spud Kind Bronwyn Robbie Rod Pele medic men Dome Liam Dive. Daniel Harry Pita kept in Doomsday. I checked him with Captain Doomsday. He's got the right nine for the times and he's got a room in my bunk and he's bunker for me and weight watcher. Andy Murray Melinda Adam professor. Doctor Dentist Will Glen Craig. Matthew Alexander pull Tom Tara Camille Kim. Donnie Darko Clinton Gavin Dire Straits. I five Tony Yet. Another pink of Fan Graham Mark Citizens Six David. And we've got some people who don't like Pyan who provide money via PIPO Dain Kane was the beneficiary Mr Anderson Corinne Madman David Beverly and Damian. From redline digital and wine and jared cy I tell you what we got seventy nine now and people doubling up. I'm going to start calling yet surnames. So if you don't what you said I'm semi note will change it on. Adriaan economical at some saying. I'm so thank you to ask patrons much appreciated right we have mentioned the UK the crackpot Skein but the UK came up with the deal with this now. Tell me immunizing herd immunity. Yes please explain backtrack a little bit in the last I also yes. They have backtracked but That On big from vox at says he on Friday. The government's chief science advisor. Sir Patrick Valance said on BBC radio four that one of the key things we need to do is build up some kind of herd immunity so more people are immune to this disease and may reduce the transmission and your looking people get infected. Yes I've fought possible. Yes how else do you get hurt? Sensible idea yes so I'm just reading from this other radical good sweet Lord. Let me summarize. Britain leaders want the whole nation at Corona virus. Because they don't understand by six silence logical history. I think that everyone getting seek magically confers resistance on a nation that's not here disease works herd immunity is what happens after lab scale vaccination as a viral infection. Subsides it's not just letting virus run rampant. This is sort of the idea not stop letting it run. Rampant would eventually resulting a degree of herd. Wouldn't it well? It would but a lot of people that died after a lot. That's that's the punchline. After a lot of people have died. And that's luth unacceptable to me. I would have thought yeah. Yeah yeah well. What he says here is in this article. Even species never never developed immunity to polio. Will smallpox virus really ever bicycling we developed vaccines. And then we got a herd immunity. But Yeah Is it impossible for us to develop herd immunity to AVARS IF IMMUNITY? I guess is a term which I can't quite technically Nile down but if talking about sort of having a natural resistance stain evolution does that forests in through the night Immune system and also some flukes of nighttime destroying the think of one like. What's the one for malaria sickle cell anemia. So so there are some genetic twists in isolated cases where we develop immunity. Nfl sit subset of humanity resistant to certain diseases. In fact I was involved in research on one of those things with raw with two Britons in altitude and they didn't have much resistance against Isis when they came down below L. chewed. So there's there's some things that happens so they very good high-altutude because they they resistant to low oxygen conditions but that makes them winning in low altitudes susceptible to where we've got some sort of a night immunity to break through a genetic evolutionary state. I think that's what they're talking about. It just doesn't make sense at all so we haven't I mean it's been well publicized. Those two towns cities in America pizza fit was one of them. Don't forget the other one where digest let that happen. They just let the disease run. Its Course for forget what the disease was. And the other city to measures to flatten out. That yes and so. That's that's it. That's a brilliant experiment. I mean it's done in real time when people died but Pittsburgh or whichever. What was the one that took the majors to control the curb? So you didn't get release. Spot had much fewer deaths compared to the city. Go the whole flattening. The caves thing that we're talking flattening the curved thing it's saves lives and the UK say that the people in power to say that's just madness. It doesn't what madness but I. I decided feeling heat from people who know better. I'm sure they must bankers panic. Failures thing you can't do that now and they'll be an that'd be changing tack. Surely the other thing that you could do if you're looking for some sort of immunity or you can't afford medicine would be to join Margaret Court's Church The victory live church because she believes that the congregants will not contract Karan of ours because they are protected by the blood of Jesus. The blood of Jesus. You sound like you're and not only her church a whole bunch of Looney Christian churches and probably not only Christian organizations peddling similar nonsense is the Greek Orthodox Chech- Yes in the across. The country will allow congregations of hundreds of people to sip wind from the same spoon because quite the Holy Cup cannot carry the disease literally walks from person to person with a container of of some sort and a spoon. And as you say they they distribute it from the same spoon to each person one after another the the bad thing about that is. It's not just GonNa fix them. They're going to go off like catch the people so people who aren't of their face and I would expect out government to have regulations or laws in place where they could ban practices like that. Do you think they'll actually do it? Well the the the banning groups of either five hundred probably be banning group survivor fifty regardless of the size of the telling us not to shake hands for good men in actual practice. Good Point Yeah. This is a religious practice. This guy lied to harm. Good Point government stepping inside this fall and will I be protected by these new religious discrimination. Laws indeed is a really good question. This is a case of. I think it's either over royd religious freedom on that because it's a dangerous practice. Yes but then they're not. I haven't thought this through. But that's what feel things to me. Yeah because it's not just harming themselves harming the rest of us that's the thing that's that's that's the Knicks. Tapan is the problem for me if they decide and it's a free country if they decide to do dangerous practices whether it's jumping doing rock climbing jumping out of a plane or something dangerous. That's their business but that freedom to believe why the crazy nonsense is one thing but freedom to actually engage in actions or practices that harm others. Quite another thing is is. Hey just a couple of of corona virus sort of topics if we can if you want to add any other rhinovirus ideas before we move on Donelly I. We've got that off. Air Chest. Bill just briefly we mentioned conscription. And how frank of Floyd conscription cozy tell authorities? That he was. Yeah I mean eligible and I saw something in the US. They still have a system where you have to tell the government when you've turned doing and really yes. It's called selective service system is it's it's an independent agency. The United States government that maintains information on those potentially subject to military conscription the draft all mile US citizens and mile immigrant non citizens between the ages of eighteen and twenty six required by law to have registered within thirty days of the eighteenth birthday and must notify. The selective service with intent is of China's to any information such as change of address and It's a contingency mechanism for the possibility of conscription in the US. I add. I think that's the case in Australia. Australia what you have to register for Elections for voting compulsory. So we've got a system already set up that has tabs on people. The the fault of it is that there are people who have never registered to vote. And who never voted true. Have one in my family who's in need sixty s and has never voted wouldn't now you're I if you're on the role because yeah you could be eighty five year old man so they wouldn't missile really nice. That's a lot of names near you. Wouldn't know whether they're male or female. Yeah could be the why. It's copy sixes guest doesn't matter anymore sexist the. Us One is just mile and in Australia. When they used it it was absolutely only from out where females in the military that they were regular army all the conscripts were mile. So yeah if you apply for student loan or various other government things. They'll check that your name on the register did you. What was your young. This is just one or two years out. My three was entering. I remember being seventeen when conscription. There's people that I knew quite well. Who suddenly in the community over there off the Internet News? Yeah that's right and the other one I just wanted to mention briefly was the rugby league players flying for Canterbury. He had sex with some struggles. School bills who were. Ivor Sixteen side and the head sex in the hotel room while I were a wiig a gyn..

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