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Record you want to. Yeah actually. we're we're looking for tober middle of november to release an album. It's always one of those things where you write a bunch of stuff and and you kind of want to wait to see if you write that just that one thing that might hit you. And being the fact that I've got my own label investor and kind of make my own music. We can go out of drop of the hat and go on record Want to and. I've got so many good friends. Still in nashville. That kind of believe in me and believe in what i'm doing and and think that You know get things really going again. And and so much show that tax. Getting rid of cortisone. Morgan wallace gracious and not to let me cut something he wrote song called taking you. So there's a lot of great things happening a lot of good things going on. Well i believe in you when you get that that record. Readier that song ready. Call me up absolutely put you on again. We'll talk about it. Absolutely the seminole how to play a little bit more songs. Listen we never but people on the spot were not impressed by. I can tell you what in and they suck and i'm like we'll do this. Holy crap we're we're actually entertaining. That's really good. So thank you for coming in. You guys follow josh. At josh grayson. gra c. I n. check out love like checkout history repeats. i mean. He played a verse chorus here. Obviously he's great live. And when you get that record ready you let me know absolutely all right. There josh grayson. Everybody the best. Bits of the week with morgan number two on the show this week we did the spinning wheel and somebody on the show had to eat the world's sour candy. I'm not revealing anything. Because you know. Spoilers i want you to listen. But scuba steve. We have a fun time happening. Okay this or that and choose you can get with this you with that gassing it you can get with this so you can give it that then but to out with this. It's just okay. This is that this that this is that this or that is the name of the game or go sour or sweet. I'm going to go. I like a little bit of both though like a you ever. Did you ever liked our heads. Going up heads okay. All right. i'll go sweden okay. Obviously to that. I love like candies and chocolates and ice cream and that kind of stuff like any sweet sweet. You don't like anything sweet whether it's natural sweet like fruits or it's like chocolate candy sweets it all. I'm with you on the sweets. But i do not think fruits sweets and if somebody gives me like a lemon our strawberry shortcake thing. I'm like no. I don't want that chocolate or vanilla or red velvet with you like those sweets though like like. I don't remind them. But i wouldn't choose them like if there's something on the many of chocolate cake or like strawberry shortcake. I'm totally going chocolate. Geico for me. I think it's rooted as a child. We weren't allowed to have candy. So my so i basically supplemented real candy and sweets with fruits. A lot of oranges and watermelon and that kind of stuff so so for me it was always that and then when i got to be of an age like a by my own stuff i was like screw you. I'm buying candy. And but i still like fruits. I i enjoy okay. That's fair so i'll go with sweet west or east coast as tough. Both i know i am both. I'd have to go west coast. Okay the reason. I think even as a child growing up i was more in tune with west coast lifestyle rap i loved. Nwea the jewish underground versus like biggie. And that and that whole side to pocket. I mean i was into it. Two bucks west coast. Sorry i just wasn't into the east coast scene do more west coast back server lifestyle. Yes sir surfer surfer lifestyle. Yeah just to be. I mean. I mean there are both sides but is like that whole vibe and i've always wanted to be in hollywood. Nah and that was. My dream is child. So that's just that's me west coast all day. Every day i see uneasiness out to the west coast. I haven't got a chance. Coast the time. I've ever been to anywhere on the west coast with l. a. to go to hawaii a few years back when my parents took us on a vacation. But no besides that. I have not been anywhere the furthest i've been is colorado and that's not even west coast for me more midwest yeah l. a. Were you. It was just like a airport. Stop were there. We stayed that night and like eight somewhere on appear. But i don't really remember it that much younger so i remember hawaii but i don't really remember that little stop that we had so whenever i decided to go. You have to tell me for sure like you. Give me all the things this past holiday break. You went into the whole east coast. I feel like this time. He had to the west coast but was much harder to get to from where we are. But he's got to get the fly and then rent a car and use that to drive up and down the coast which i wanna do that Pch yes if you can do the whole thing from seattle all down to la which would take a minute. I highly recommend it gorgeous. I've done from the from nor cow too. So cow never from washington down. So that's a buckle side for me as well to do the whole thing but even just the parts. I've seen from all of california unbelievable aren't the redwoods in okay. Okay yeah i that for now. I have to choose the east coast again beautiful which you need to go to the east coast to do what we did and go to all of those. That's what i've always wanted to that as well like that is so cool. Okay awesome history to right. Yeah so much history and so much beautiful scenery that you just don't expect because when you think of the east coast you're thinking of new york city all you think of and then there's so much more to offer up there so right now east coast but it could be west coast. I just haven't been yet and it makes me really sad that i have not been to half of the united states. I know you've got to get out there. I appreciate the fact that you're starting your. You're trying to do in trying. I mean as you know. It's very hard to take off from work. Hardly option most of the time. It's very tough but But as you get older it becomes more difficult if you decide if a family then it's even more difficult to get out and do stuff exactly when i decided to go west coast. I'm coming to you all the suggestions. Pancakes or waffles. Oh man That's another tough one. That's this is a good game it's like who do you cannot jesus. I like both cracker barrel pancakes and i like waffle house waffles. Those are both very specifics. Here but i want to say when i was living in la. I was really big into diners because they have those really cool old. It's almost it's basically walking back in a time like mom and pop diners. Yes they're and they keep them the way they are that they keep fifty sixty seventy s vibe because when they film movies that have period pieces that are in that era. There's a lot of places in hollywood where you can film because it's still that vibe and that thing but when you go to these places it's so cool not only because you can recognize it from film or television but it's like it's just going back in time and diner and everything there is still pretty affordable can go there and get waffles and eggs and a side dish for like five bucks and some really crappy coffee for a dollar so and always try to go and try a bunch of different waffles. Never pancakes so because of that. I'm going with waffles. And i've tried like probably fifty different kind of waffles..

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