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It's just sitting there waiting for her to sort of openly contested and i mean maybe removing the slave character from from this version is a kind of contests but but it's not an interesting one i'm so tired of romanticising the parts of american history in american history in the south that we wanna remember i mean there are these points these parts of the movie where the women are wearing these beautifully made dresses angered his gawking at the fabric but this fabriker may apply it was like malay those dresses yarns dragon is i think for me i was interested in what a socalled feminist revenge thriller might look like through a let the land someone like sephiha coppola but i came out of it just really tired of the ways in which the south in particular is romanticised without dealing with the actual atrocities of that time like i just can't have one without the other anymore it's like i'm to oak can't do it i think wh i would propose it be an interesting project would be to see the original seventy one version okay and then see the sphere coppola version because i think that they they're in a kind she's in conversation with this movie in a way that is rewarding just to know about i think their stuff happening in in both movies that's interesting i just think one is much more daring than the other but it's two leading it's compelling to see the ways that she wanted to try to do something that she thought would have been more daring with on it which i mean it might have been to just change the politics of of her version of that movie also relapse lemonade before you watched the guile just remember who did it purse and that we'll be right back through palk make them on a deal on some yes please.

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