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He was fluent in French German. But and translate he even he brought a French shift Develey, the guy quit after forty eight houses did not know this not for me. But. What really intrigued me about von Steuben was he also arrived at Valley Forge with a resume. That was doctored up than the mayo clinic. Now, I'll step back to explain that on Steuben had risen to the rank of captain in Frederick, the greats Prussian army now, of course, Frederick the great at the time was the most renowned military commander in the western world and his Prussian army, although small was the most feared they used to say that Frederick the great at an army with the country as opposed to a country with an army on Steuben had learned under Frederick, the great something that no other western officer had not in France, not Poland Britain, Italy, certainly not the continental army United States, and that was Frederick the great made his officers live eat and breathe with the enlisted get down in the muck and mire with them. All the other armies thought the officers that were. This was below offer station we leave that to the sergeants corporals NCO on stupid knew how to drill army. So when he kinda shows up in France in the counter version once again, Amanda Frenchman in the middle of a lot of this introduces them to Franklin, and Silas Deane now, of course, their initial reaction is a crush now. Now, no, we're already getting screaming letters from Washington. Not to send any more of these mercenaries he soldiers fortune over to the United States. But it only took a few interviews with on Stoobant ale. Chatted in French for them to realize Franklin, especially this is just the man that washing the needs to turn his disparate conglomeration of militias into a well oiled fighting machine. He knows what he's doing knows how to train knows how to drill, but he dean of Jan got together. And he's said, what are we gonna do? Those only captain Washington's rejecting the generals were sunny over. So suddenly. On students captain's bars recklessly disappeared from shoulder and replaced by general stars. And he became inspector general of Frederick degrades, crush Rb. Which of course, he never was. And he became a principal aide to camp to Frederick the great for over decade, of course, which he never did. But this is the way that they figure they can get him into the states later on when it gets exposed will figure it out. But for now, let's get him over and sure enough he shows up within his first week at valley. Forge the enlisted men junior officers, and even the American generals who are very suspicious of foreigners. He's ingratiated himself to every one of them is first week. He's writing memos to Washington, you cannot have your latrines run willy nilly through the bread baking of territory, you gotta put him on the other side of the hell you let's grade the roads in front of the huts through two thousand hunts. They built a Valley Forge let's grade those roads and give them Reggie. Mental names to give the soldiers sense of professionalism within days Washington had told all his other officers. Do not train your men the training is gonna come from this Prussian Washington gave on stupid his personal guard fifty men chosen other fifty men from the states that were Representative alley Ford and said to student trainings one hundred men and then spread them out throughout the army as your sub traitors. So everyday von Steuben would take these one hundred men out on the debris onto the prayed ground valley. Forge and the other soldiers didn't have a lot to do. So there's thousands of lined up in a square and square watching stupid and action. And sure enough on Steuben would get down on his rather large gut in a muck in the mire teach them how to read to rain or pick up heat. He doffed his coat and throw away is riding crop pick up a musket CHOGM the proper way to put to put a bayonet in. Somebody's gut and then twisted the men took to this like never before. And this is the other one of the many reasons why I love on stupid. He was of prickly for detail use brushing expect and when someone made a mistake or did something wrong, or somehow incurred von Steuben Zeier as I said before he had no English French German will Washington had assigned Lafayette and Lawrence as his translators..

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