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The answer to me is attributed questions in the bar was where he was born all it's going to talk about each arm starting from first of the first song that we have on our list is Queen. The Queen album, queen, which played their first gig in July 1970 has been playing the club and called circuit in Rome London for almost ten years. When they received an opportunity to test out the new recording facilities at D lane studios, they're put together a Polish general of Paris songs, keep yourself alive to not calm down. Great king rat Jesus, and liar. The group sent their demo to various circuit levels were only received at one offer. A little bit from cars used records, which they declined as according to their friend, contested and feared they would always play the second fiddle to genesis to those other bands. Producers drawn Antony and Roy Thomas baker visited delaying Lee while the band were recording and was impressed by what they saw. They were committed that queen to very enormous Sheffield who owned charted the seniors, the shuffle brothers were in for queen they record at during this video downtime, but we're giving free use of everything after the playing artists had left, including the latest technologies and production team trying to also agree to oversee the group's main intimate recording and publishing interests. While they saw the record deal one day while waiting at the end of the city of mercury was asked to record vocals from our produce Robin Geoffrey cable, who was working on verge wood, I can hear music and going back. Mercury and listen May and Taylor on the charts which was released on a single order in the name Larry lyrics and parody of Gary glitter. Moving along to the second album, we have clean too. The album. Blood Zeppelin in the hue are probably in Queen see you somewhere because they were among favorite groups, but what we were trying to do differently from the other groups is the sort of later town the who had open Cort guitar sound, but our sun is more based on over driven guitar sound. I also wanted to build up the textures behind the main building lines. We were trying to sit next to a new limit for our second album on our list as queen tea. There's a second city of queen. It was released on March 1974 by EMR records. On the UK led records in the U.S. there was a research chart in studios and learning at one sinews in London and August 1973 to almost baker. And Robin Geoffrey cable an injury by Mark stone. Described his arguably the heaviest queen novel queen team marked the end of the first phase. Other beans grew double and combines the heavy rock star with art rock, persistent rock elements and have been called the pillar of brand new east. Also. Queen two is not a cause of all very close to the songs with the leaves. Theme running throughout the original LP were labeled side blunt. Finish of the conventional sides, a and B records finding photos of the band dressed in black and either side, but the records label face. They saw on our list sheer heart attack is the third seal on my Queen. Release on November 8th, 13, 24 in my records in the United Kingdom, electoral records in the United States. Digressing from the progressive rock themes, featured on their first two, I will feature more props to conventional charts. The queen Tom. It was produced by the band Roy Thomas baker and launched queen mainstream popularity in the UK and throughout the world. After the release of Queen to the group of bars on the commercial tour, with Martha who will cover in the middle of the tour, where everybody became severely ill, forcing the entire tour to early. Before going in Forza I'd like to take another trivia question. Here's the question. What's this Brian May use as a guitar pick, the instructor just wrote?.

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