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And I'll never forget, he's if they really want you try keeping your car now drive to billing and of, you know, I kinda chuckled at it, but I was a part of me that I do want to go, and I was learning so much of how to, you know how to run and all things go. They're great coaches there. You know, I felt like I was just getting to really learn and understand whereas doing and I felt like you know, I had done due due diligence, there fulfilling my obligation at bowling green. And so I remember calling back and just say I really appreciate the opportunity of about it. But, you know, I'm gonna stay you know, I think, you know, I think back to that. And again, everything happens for reason, you know, certainly was a was a tremendous experience for regarding into the next year variable, and learned the law. But, you know, at least able to keep some of those connections and, but I do I wanted to coach and I that was dash, but, you know, that's a little bit of the story of doing you ever wonder, I know you obviously a ton of success already. But do you ever wonder what if you'd gone, a imagine you probably worked her way up? It seems like Bill Belichick's. You know what they've done? There is is had guys. Learn their system and then eventually work their way onto roles in the staff. I mean, have you given any thought to that piece of it or just like I'm good where I'm at. Well, you know, I think of it, as I've always just kinda whatever choices I've made it. I've always worn on percent, workaday day, you know, obviously the respect I have for, for what coach Bill checks done. What that program's done, the great coaches that have come out of there? You know, I think have been fascinating, and it's fun to follow it to be honest with you. I studied self much of it from afar. But I've also felt like it's really rewarding kind of blaze. My own trail, you know and and you know what? You know, we're going to do. We're gonna do it the old fashioned way, just kind of go to work really continue to learn grow, and, and be the best coach, I can be for my, you know, wherever my fam- my feet were planted and it. So, you know, I haven't, but I've been Meyer what they've done perform believe me. I don't know if anybody studied more than I have about how they do what they do success able to sustain before. I mean your quarterback guys found quite a gym in Rockford last year. How did you find him? How did he end up there? And what is next for him after really impressive freshman year? What do you think he needs to kind of go from there for, you know, Bronx Bronx stories really you need? It was a situation where, you know, we had been recruiting. Brock is excel as recruiting is especially quarterback recruiting today. You know, Brock was a guy that, that we had tracked void into his senior year, and beyond if Amore, and we had we didn't build. Take a quarterback, you know, in that in that class, and we had Kyle camp who kinda came onto the scene two years ago, and really took over or program and coyotes set along the way, I think I might have the ability, get a six year and, you know, we didn't know for sure of that was that happened. So as we got to the end end of our football season. I said show me the best quarterbacks in the country that are committed, and we want some film, and I remember watching FOX fell, but I was so impressed with the videotape and he had let his high school football team Perry ice for their own ah to state to a big school state championship game. And you know I watched about four or five game films. I was so intrigued by that it was it played December. I got on the phone. I called his head coach. And we talk for about forty five minutes. And I just said, I love this guy, what's going on at Brock was really. I think it was our. Thursday night. Brock was getting ready to go to state official visit, and so I ask the coach was okayed a cold, rock and touch base..

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