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I'm very very very eager to solve problems. And i hate seeing people. Struggling are in pain and because of that like sometimes i think when people tell me something they really want is to be heard but what i hear is i have to fix this for you and sometimes that's not the case like right. I just need to tell you this thing. And it's hard for me because i'm like. My mind is racing trying to think of going to help us bears. How can i fix is. Do i know anything that being said. I am someone who aggressively tackles issues. If i am test with it. I'm not test with it. Perhaps not but i will try to. I like marking things off my list. As you know. I like being someone who can just be like okay. I figured this out. We don't have to worry about it anymore. I don't have to worry about it anymore. Right how about you. Yeah so it's according to the role like someone else's taking up that role that i won't worry about it but if there's something that needs to be done it's not going to be done or it's not done then i'll handle it and i'm absolutely that same way in like projects bigger projects them like okay. You got this. you got this in. If someone doesn't pay charge to get it organiz. I'll do it. Same way would like if i have something at my phone or something that i have around. I will try to see if i could fix it. I like that is my mentality. If we're having issues so one of the things in my old job was trying to have innovative ideas to get to solve big impact issue. So let's say we had a really huge problem with families being able to transport kids to therapy so one of the things that i had to do was look around to see what we do as in home therapy how we can provide funding what rows we can do in order to get all that that was something that was a part of my job so for me. Those level of problems. Yes at the same time like when it comes to like friendship stuff typically. If someone is going through issues i will be there. Listen but i also have that problem-solver as well with being a social worker and be like. Let me tell you what this might be. Which is not always welcome and rightfully so but it came to the community stuff. I tried as best as i could in trying to get some effective things and honestly the reason i wanted to bring this up. Everyone talk a little bit. More is because this has kind of been a theme for our specific women around the world is today and the woman. We're talking about. Who is a doctor out of kenya. Who not only makes an amazing amount of impact in healthcare in her community but the overall health and lives of mothers and expectant mothers around our community also and who we are speaking about specifically is dr jemima kariuki and yeah. She has a really fascinating story. Yes and the reason. We are talking about problem. Always is because dr kariuki. Her overall determination as a healer and as a woman in the community has helped solve so many issues for women that could be detrimental on so many levels. Dr k yuki is a doctor of gynecology and obstetrics at the kenyatta national hospital at the university of nairobi and she specializes in preventative medicine but focuses on the issues dealing with maternal and child health right and not only that after the post electoral violence in two thousand seven in kenya. Where over a thousand people were killed and over five hundred thousand people were displaced after this controversial presidential election. Dr kariuki started the peace club and then also started the public health club which among other things helps run cervical cancer prevention. Drive as she has so many things within that clinic to try to bring awareness to this type of cancer but she has also continued her work in creating solutions to problems that continue to endanger the women of our community especially as the pandemic has affected the country after reading an article about a woman who died because he was not able to get care due to the cove in nineteen restrictions and curfew best when dr karaoke decided that something needed to happen and she needed to fix the situation and it didn't take long for her to start the wheels of life program which provides free ambulance services for mothers in labor after dark after seeing incidents like the woman who died after not being able to go out after curfew. And if a man beaten to death by police for violating curfew. If you're trying to drive a woman in labor to the hospital she pushed a find a safe way for women to get the care they need to safely give birth right and a service includes a call center that offers services ranging from being able to talk with doctors to talk about the pregnancy or a free ambulance service to take them to a clinic. Because that's not available. Ambulances are not available for many of those who are in need within the first year they received over one hundred thousand calls seeking help and guidance while they were pregnant and of course this has brought much recognition for her hard work and advocacy including being named bbc's one hundred women in twenty twenty and just recently given the twenty twenty one global health award for her contribution.

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