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Let's talk about death. It's very killing us all get competing of the competing of political ads. And we're also having online theater and movies is part of this. Such a bill. Well, Robert Benjamin from Los Alamos, He's written a number of plays short place related to Mortality issues like writing your own obituary. And what do you do with all of your stuff when you have a terminal illness? If you want to pass along your precious items, and Ah, a play called plots where A man who who's first wife dies. He and his second wife visit the wife of the grave of the first wife and comedic conflict ensues when she realizes she's not my burial plans. Always the last to find out. But I mean, you take this seriously the fact that people need to, especially in times like these plan ahead. Absolutely, and see my approach is to bring a light touch to what many consider a dark subject so that we can talk about it and make her plans and be prepared. Before somebody gets sick or dies. I guess the bigger picture Gail is. Why's it such a dark subject? You know what happened? What happened to our psyche that we fear death so much, even though everybody is going to experience death at some point What happened? Was that the whole hell thing? Well, it's actually a matter of self esteem if you've ever heard of the work of the denial of death. It's a sociological look at why we as humans who can think and speak and have projections. Of ourselves into the future or remembering the past. That we are terrified about the idea of not being here. And you can either respond to that. With Being prepared, or if you're afraid of it, you just try and pretend it doesn't It's not gonna happen, and that's where 70% of our population is. They're in denial right now. I think that about the same probably 70% in denial about Cove. It's actually really dangerous. There are it happened? Obviously, it happens to people having over 1700. People got code diagnosed her tested positive over the weekend, just in New Mexico. 1700, but not me. Not meat. That's them. Right. Right, right. But we do need to be prepared and we need to wear our masks. What's on the other side? On the other side of life. What's out there? Well, you know, I've heard people at my death Cafe's actually talk about near death experiences and They say it's wonderful, peaceful. There's no pain. Who Who knows exactly what's there, But, um, I'm actually interested in hearing from Tammy Homes, the psychic B and we also have a panel actually of women in from Santa Fe. Who will be talking about communicating with the dead. The Woo's side of death. People from Santa Fe are into that. Oh, yes. So come on in Santa Fe. It's what the dead. Want to tell you, Judy Fine journalists. Author of how to Communicate with the Dead Any. Mattingly, the AUT, author of the After Death chronicles. Her daughter came to her, and she did a whole book about speaking with her daughter and other people speaking with other dead people, and Bethany Pie, is a spirit release specialist. Um She helps her company is Angels helping humans to help spirits move along to where ever go to the light. Some cultures aren't allowed to speak about this kind of thing. It's true. Certainly in the Native American communities, Death is generally avoided. Discussion..

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