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But maybe it's at fragile there's another part of the story it says why didn't this study find a link between shale gas activity and syphilis civilised is most common among men who have sex with men and so they found other sti's but not syphilis i didn't know that more of a mental mantha i didn't either look at that and everything else from the dirty deeds the do the fracking shale gas and dirty deeds anyway i don't know i i yes the is are weird thing i mean i i wonder are they how are they weird let's wired about an sti tell me why would you not why would you have sex with somebody didn't know and not use a condom i don't know i'm not a man though i would assume because they didn't want to wear one the person was clean they're lazy they're drunk there they already have an sti so why is god punishing us with diseases if we just want a little lovin good question i think it's kind of slow down the result of lots of little love and it must be naked way of saying there's too many of you stop it i'm gonna make you h real bad this is true story when i had a urinary tract infection when i was in key west florida when i was a kid playing at this and that was a ninety nine percent one hundred ten percent gay town right and i had this kicked there for six months greatest shaking my life but i thought i had i'd guy been dating this girl and.

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