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It's not. How did it play with the room? I mean the first time I went to stay, absolutely owned the room and I look back. In hindsight, it had nothing to do with the material. It's just I was a creature from out of space. It's like I just woke up on stage. And, I just woke up. Had A. Going to Dogma Freezer. Yoga phrase because. As I ran. The scenario is on what to do like I thought. How hard can it be to create a small dog Hong? Turns out really hard, so I've just got an overcooked dog. Phrase like that's because it didn't happen, but I was taking it to its logical conclusion. Yeah, it was good, but I didn't go any further I. It's funny, but. And did you feel that? Were you immediately hooked with the idea of you? Know you get a great reaction to doing this? Was it immediately something you knew you wanted to do? More of not not dealing with your dog, but performing comedy in front of others gaps. And soon as Respond people reacted to me that react to my facial expressions. I wasn't always aware of why people were laughing, but I knew that. They were and it felt nice felt really nice felt like you know is participating in the world in a way that I'd never felt like I could before. The my issue was is like I didn't have to be involved in A. Comedy Circuit, but I didn't have access to. I'm not very good at networking and I was appalling man. You know and I. Long I do this, you know. This is so much more to do anything. Beyond just doing what you do on stage, but so I took me a long time to. And, that's why the competition so important to me because I wouldn't have done comedy. Had They not pay? These infrastructure rounded. I would've? I would have been doing. My life was going great, so I can't imagine things would be great for me and we should just note so this was as you say, sort of like an open Mike thing associated with the Melbourne comedy festival, and is it and you one. Is that the way it worked for the next year? The next year I entered it in. I ended up winning it. Into, the national national switcher broadcast on on. on TV and filmed and.

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