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Reminded me of when i listened to it by the similarities between <hes> got to give it up and blur lines hi like they're. They're like they're clearly there right right yeah yeah. I was going to mention that because robin thicke did have to come out of pocket for him for rail right yeah. It was sent me for records for rails to producer. Em robin thicke was credited for writing even though he said he didn't write it right right right. He say he was high. The creepy song to <hes> is it all we got going to percents onto my two cents. You know everybody knows on the movie guy. <hes> i went to see once upon a time in hollywood with brad pitt <hes> leonardo dicaprio margot robbie <hes> this is tarantino's most restrained film like ever like like you know when you tarintino you'd think pulp fiction inglorious bastards like violence over the top. This is kinda like a like a like a character driven like serene film. I mean it does get to that point but that's like way way onward <hes> basically it. It looks like ill say hollywood. At the end of the sixties. We're like the old in hollywood is being replaced by the new hollywood seventies and also you got like the charles manson stuff in the background so like once you know if you noticed story about sharon tate in the charles charles charles manson murders that kinda brought like the loss of innocence to hollywood so it basically follows a leonardo dicaprio who's like a aging hollywood star brad pitt his stuntman and margot robbie who is sharon tate and <hes>. It's unlike anything he's ever done because it's slow but it's like a good slow-paced movie as it feels like independent film made on a big budget so i'd recommended is is is a different kind of movie eight c._e._o. Yeah yeah that was kind of like that was set up like a play hateful eight. This wanna kinda like is really like he really liked. Captures the time sixties late you can tell like with the production design they really we did put their all into it but <hes> you said you saw hobson shaw. Yes the rock and jason stadium. Was it fun. Yes yes yes it. Does this like extremely violent this explosives. I was in a movie cracking up right explosion come. I'm from nowhere like people we're driving trucks with no windshield windows in buildings. Don't oh how a scratch on on i was laughing like. I know people like she s because i was just laughing just like there's a character on on play by egypt's elbow. He's like a super strand for humans but what's the racks. Excuse very like they're all superhuman off superhuman. That was hoping there'd be a twist whereas like he doesn't have the potion. We've had in the whole time like. Was there a twist like that or now. 'cause i'll be like okay now. It makes sense for the fast and a furious series because these guys are like super strong and never gonna scratch on. I'm like okay. They've always said walking down buildings like the sign of it sounds crazy. It was crazy where it it was a fun movie. It was extremely extremely violent but i mean that's expect from this. This franchise is p._g. Thirteen when you say violence do you mean like like this all the explosions shooting everybody everyone so what's what's more outrageous this john wick. I don't know 'cause every every shot is a kill shot back with the master's can't read so. I don't know like they're both equally ridiculous. I guess okay but i mean i would recommend it. If you're not if you're not expecting too much if you not expecting dial or plot district to the point yeah they do get straight to the point is blowing up stuff from beginning to end literally so there's no real plot is what you're saying. I mean they try. They try. It was a of a super virus and they have to kitted protective but whatever exposure yes so racing cars to straight up superhuman people yes yes. I wanted to switch gears because <hes> we have two people here from sweden death saw one of our most talked about films of the year mid-summer. Oh yeah response. I mean i can sleep that night. I had nightmares no but i really wanted to see it though because it's so funny to me when i saw the trailer i realized the movie is set in the littoral region.

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