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Take m like a brother that's jackson's roommate chad boucher who had gone out with him the night he was killed he actually did the right thing and he took an uber he was making the right steps to get home safely and not play anywhere else and harm's way the driver of the truck meant oda goes swallow was arrested with a blood alcohol level nearly three times the legal limit according to a police affidavit the suspect used an alias and was in the country illegally investigators say he was deported to guatemala in two thousand seven and again in two thousand nine so he was deported twice but he found his way back into the united states he was undocumented obviously and drunk behind the wheel he is in custody now trump use this as an opportunity to push his antiimmigration agenda in a tweet he said the following so disgraceful that a person illegally in our country killed colts linebacker edwin jackson this is just one of many such preventable tragedies we must get the dan to get tough on the border and with illegal immigration fast so this is to be expected from trump he continuously makes the case that people who were in the country illegally are more likely to commit violent crimes and more likely to drive drunk but the studies that have been done on this very issue prove otherwise it will get into those details in just a moment uh but it is a tragic story and i'm devastated four jackson's family so look if you want to do a target any group you could do it super easily because there's thousands of homicides for example uh every year there's thousands of drunk driving accidents every year and so if you want to target agents for example you could take uh examples of three drunk driving crashes five seventeen in the.

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