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Was great for a time but he got diagnosed with lung cancer in July twenty fourteen and unfortunately really he passed away in two thousand fourteen in December so this is just one example and there are multitudes of similar stories perhaps Some some stories that will come to us directly from you listening in some of these stories. Here's the thing a lot of them end with if someone Someone ultimately dying of cancer because it POPs up somewhere else in their body but in other stories there are inexplicable remissions and it does seem that the cancer cells not only disappear like they did the Royal Free Hospital London but that they disappear for good and this leads to these conspiratorial claims. And they're very. They're very familiar. The differ a little bit in the specifics. But if we look at it academically we we see the same trends time and time again. And it's this many people who believe cannabis can cure all or some types of cancer that have functions as a panacea For cancer also believe that this is not there. They're not some like a person who's hip to a secret truth of the world. They believe this is common knowledge at the top of the medical industry and the argument goes like this. It's more profitable for big Pharma or Insert Medical Boogeyman here to sell sell synthetic drugs or even substances that are derived ultimately from cannabis and instead of treating patients lock them into a subscription service. Yeah we talked about this many times on this show before he cons true well the concept yes on the base level. It is true that if you can lock someone into a subscription service of any kind it is a better business model for you and that it goes for everything from the media you consume to the drugs you take to the sickness you have in this case in in a very messed up way. It makes more sense to sell someone a monthly service than to cure them so they don't have to buy anything from you ever again right in front of a business. Perspective from capitalists perspective. Why would someone would accompany allow a plant that grows wild and is readily cheaply available To to eat into your profits when you all you had to do all you have to prime the pump a little bit with some lobbying millions and make sure that the plant is illegal You can do it through racist propaganda or you can just sponsor The right politicians to push that bill through true and then after that plants illegal you can get a loophole in the bill whereby you sell Proprietary expensive derivatives and. They're the only only game in town. You know what I mean so you could. You could pay I. I don't know how much people pay for weed. But you know you could pay by by like joint and and smoke it or you could get a One hundred plus dollar a month prescription. That just kept you popping pills calls to repress your chronic pain while not at all curing the condition. So it's bad for the people but it's great for the companies in the fact that this does not seem outright impossible the fact that like you said that there are similar cases. Where stuff like this has happened? Even if they don't evolve we'd that fact disturb everyone listening you know we no longer think of this as some way out there quote unquote tin foil. Hat conspiracy theory. We all listen to this and we think of stories we've heard in recent years ago. Yeah I don't know it does does feel at least to make a lot more sense than one would hope but is it true will dive into that after a word from our sponsor the seventh.

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