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His he and his daughter they they both play video games on k. they love it and on Apple TV win win. Multi profiles support came out. Oh, he was so excited he he set her up with her own screen so that she could get her own TV. Shows TV, so show suggestions, music suggestions and all that stuff, and it was really great, and then she went to play some apple cake games, and he had to sign out of apple or arcade on his profile, so that she could sign in to apple arcade on her price profile totally ruins the experience so frustrating to try to use a second account and chrome. Why did you try? Yeah, what's the point it's? It doesn't do what you needed to the fact that they're bringing that I think is really good. I also think that the updates for home kit or are pretty good the like. Viewing of home kit secure, video cameras. So I'm getting. My first home kit supported video camera. I can't pronounce the name right but. Y You. Thank you. you feel they're. They're sending me a a one of their home kits for security camps to test out so I. Really look forward to using that alongside apple TV because that is kind of the thing I have a ring doorbell, and so if somebody rings my doorbell, I have to pick up my phone. I have to open the APP have to tap on live view and at that point that poor person has waited. Ten fifteen seconds and I haven't even gotten up because if somebody I don't want to talk to. I don't want to answer the door. I'M NOT GONNA like walk up to the door until I. Know that it's that it's semi on the door for so I love the idea that you can just get this little pop up that like your doorbell rings or you know you get the motion sensor. It's I don't think there's any home kit. Compatible security cameras that are also Dr Bells, but you could at least get your notification onscreen. Somebody has approached your front porch. You can see who it is that way by the time they ring the doorbell. You know all you already know whether or not. You want to go open the door. So that's pretty nice, and what's really interesting in a tight to the larger sort of updates with home kit? Is there Apple's doing like securely stored facial recognition. Through through these hunkin updates, and so it can recognize people who are door, and so you can get you know you can get a pop up on your apple. TV You might also get a notification through your home. Hot through your home pod Ooh, so you're like in the kitchen when and comes up to your door, your pod could actually announce you know. Your best friend is at the door. Yeah, you know I love this. You know emily the door whatever? Yeah, yeah, yeah, that's so great! I can't wait to try this out. I'm very excited about that. I have not actually updated to TV OS, because for similar reasons why I don't put the developer Beta on my apple. Watch I. Don't have a spare, so my apple TV is my main, but I will be using it to to test out the developer or the public Beta because I think. In this case, just because of the work that we do, I'm willing to take the risk in order to like you know test out the features and see how they work and talk about them. Universally start living with them. If you want to write about them, yeah, exactly you just got. I mean personally the biggest change for me and TBO has fourteen is they've updated the design slightly of the Control Center, so it's more in that sort of floaty design rather than just a shade that comes over part of the screen. Yeah, that's just data and they've added to it right because right now. The only thing that you can do if I remember in control center is switch accounts, or or turn off Apple TV. There have been some controls in there. for wild like changing sound sources and seeing. On the in the I haven't haven't even paid attention to it. I pay a lot of attention to control centers. It's a hobby. Will I'm glad you're here to give me more information so so you can also just You can select speakers right. Here's what if you WANNA? If you have a pair of homepage, which like I do I have a pair of home pod set up right over here. The I liked to connect to my apple TV to watch things like like watch things through the TV because the youtube APP is, that doesn't play Nice with homepod. How why? Restricting just. System something system standard Google. Police That's that's what I ask. But yeah it. Use It for that. Also speaking of sound, they have updated the the volume us Ui on Apple TV. It's now more like the new one that they introduced for the iphone last year where it's a tiny bar that goes up the side of the screen. Hey, instead of covering porno. Yeah Yeah, that's Nice I like that today so actually that that makes me think of something so my home pods. I'm the same way I have I have a pair of home pots that are connected to my apple, TV with left and right Stereo and Basically it works fluidly when I'm watching an itunes movie, or if I'm watching something in the TV APP. If I watch Netflix or Hulu or an APP. In. Youtube is out of the question, no matter what it won't work with joke with yeah with the others what will happen is like it will lose its connection. I have to go back in and Reece not not recent. To pull down the the menu, Click over to speakers. Switch it back to the to the air. Pods are.

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