Mr Trump, NRA, Florida discussed on This Morning with Gordon Deal


Us for what they are demanding from us is to keep them safe in the first place and the only way we're going to do that is to finally finally hass some kind of gun reform mr trump has proposed arming teachers who are highly trained and a position shared by the nra but he's also suggested keeping weapons out of the hands of young people in the mentally ill something the nra opposes the nra donates big money to politicians mostly republicans any debate on gun measures by the way would be added to a legislative agenda that already includes proposals to overhaul immigration and you know that the midterm elections are later this year defence lawyers seeking to spare nicholas crews execution for last week school shooting in parkland florida could face a high hurdle the state's historic embrace of the death penalty which has led to the second largest death row in the u s more from wall street journal reporter arjan campo flores r e on set this up the obviously nikolic crude the gunmen india douglas high school shooting at a very complicated legal out going forward he tape seventeen charges of premeditated murder and vive state attorney and kate prosecuting dickhead dead while yet and made a determination on whether to pursue the death penalty that this is the sort of crime that the death penalty statute was was created for on the other hand the public defenders office at his representing mr crews had been trying to push an effort to avoid a trial uh which they say would drag on for years and years and be an agonizing experience not just for the families but for the wider community instead have mr crews plead guilty to all these counts and be sentenced to life in prison without possibility with parole as a way of avoiding the death penalty so that sort of the question that needs to be a kind of worked out in the coming week does the age of nicholas cruise sector in here as to why some people may not be in favour your means nineteen like if this was a forty two yearold guy who would committed this with people feel differently thank you no i think given that he is older than eighteen years old it makes him an adult and folks mind that there are some that would have that would be with dr that consideration nn i mean he was obviously not just he's not just a young man but.

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