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Early tonight mainly clear late tonight with a little forty six to fifty for tomorrow more sun than clouds and becoming warmer with a high of seventy six to eighty eight I'm accu weather meteorologist Joe Lundberg news ninety three point one K. F. B. K. okay sun is up can't really see it through the clowns but it's fifty three degrees outside here at news ninety three point one K. K. this morning a Chino man is the first prison inmate to die of covert nineteen the inmate died at a hospital after contracting coronavirus at the California institution for men in San Bernadino county no further details were released this morning officials say one hundred fifteen inmates and eighty nine staffers across California department corrections have now tested positive this morning a top analyst says April's unemployment numbers in California could be higher than they were in March cave BK's Angelico B. O. ha report the seats implement development department reports a hundred thousand jobs were lost in March for the worst month since the Great Recession more than twenty seven thousand of those jobs are wiped off the books in the bay area or shelter in place orders were first imposed the jobless rate jumped from the record low of three point nine percent in February to five point three percent but far worse numbers are expected for April considering nearly three million Californians have filed for unemployment benefits over the last four weeks I'm Angelica will be and nowhere in California are they feeling it more than in Los Angeles where the mayor Eric Garcetti is warning about the economic impact on his city our city is under attack.

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