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It's it's cooked on what all sides sit at how little it's called on all sides if it's deconstruct by not look like in our gut is growing what is the point of having a special tool to paul allen i me i a special toll to ball mallam please visit look they looked pretty away it's like having a strawberry haller it's like having toast tongs you don't need that love my toaster into a special it's a special a a strawberry haller ruth get this problem haller now what am i just pull it all my fingers nominee the haller how are you with grapes uh well grapes are in their natural form nobody bald him okay so a little guys yeah sure loser that's one all right each each the it's it's the fact that somebody goes to them to this artificial in each extra work and i will came to this 'cause i was making me balls one day mmhmm and i was just gone this is a pain in the ass both who met a lot it's one thing if you don't wanna make meatballs yeah eating meat ball somebody else bald nope nope won't do it because i won't eat food this prepared by stupid people people who are so dumb belgian spend their time bawling up meet no it's did it no it tastes different and i when you know make his me ball and it's soft only in siding hina archie on the outside that's that's i should like him and the same thing have out your ice cream scooped i usually just use a spoon k i don't i don't know scoop no i you know no because that's not any extra effort in ah the geneva special tool again i don't i don't is just there in the drawer and it's not i don't i don't need of these i have a nice guy actually i have an ice cream i forget we call is not a scoop it's up yeah a shovel with yo yo let's just angela kind of yeah so you're okay with some tools and well it's i use it for other things on occasion i never use my icecream scoop for anything i suppose i.

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