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That's huge. So she'd be home to whether gone. There was always someone in our house. That's big. Brothers and sisters older. Older sister and two younger brothers and how did you guys get along? We all got. Yeah we. Can't purity's other all the time? It's like I mean we get along really well for I. Mean I got him fights and you know I I never saw. My brother once when. I hit my my younger brother wants when he was nineteen and he's he's Outta yell at my grandfather and that's another. That's all. Yeah I mean. Only young Yeah. What are you thinking? Crazy like I'm married to me because I I mean. Not Allowed today but if he's library I still wouldn't. You don't get it. So respecting. ME. and. And But Did they see you start to excel in this world and kind of understand it or because it's also knew where they're just like, what are you doing? Why don't you be an accountant know what I was kickboxing they sat my grandma's said that my grandpa never did he was always my grandpa he told me and I was one of the progress made told me when I was nineteen years old Jose you did another podcast she not know how My my last show talking about it and I got a big thing because they sent up and talking about Tyson Oh. Yeah. Because my grandfather when I was nineteen years old said. He could be guided that Mike Tyson guy you can be him. I laugh I'm like you're funding. All right. Thanks. I love, your confidence Bob. I was. Huge Tyson. Fan. Okay All right pops whatever as the cool thing is nowadays it's a serious question who would win in a fight between me and Mike Tyson now I'm not. I'm not silly I I know I'm not gonNA boxing. But in A. Am As I. Am I am a May or in the street. I he's got one on the wind. He misses it's over. Soundbites city. That's GONNA be my new email by the way you saying that that you're not wrong if you've got, let's say you guys are in a fucking roundtable pizza and mike comes up and throws one in Mrs what's your move I'm going to take him to the ground and was back backup I'll did just a double edged. Barrel Thrown Holy Shit You're taller than him for sure. Yeah. Yeah. But I mean but for for for me like a guy that. Never Russell and he's and he's and he's and we're friends actually I know Mike. He's a great guy I met met him back in the day and tell them to accept my befriend request first time I ever first time I actually ever met him. He came up he was. He was telling me as those guys take advantage of you don't want to I. Thought it was. The voice. Yeah, I don't do. It's what he'd say I'll I'll try to do I'll react with. The. All those guys take advantage of promoters. Promoter say hey man you know. Who's looking for you? Yeah. That's what you're saying. He was telling me because I was world champion at the time and he's like he's business savvy I think more. So than people give him credit for yeah. I mean, fuck how do you not do what he's been doing as long as he has and not Just, have soaked up enough experience to be able to drive your own ship. Right and he does a great job of it. You know who brought up that you guys that you could beat them. I just brought it because the reason I brought I. The way I said, the story was just talking about how my grandfather said that because I was came out yesterday. When my grandma always said like you could your bed at the George Clooney and I was like all right fucking. That's you're definitely not wrong. But she in that supportive family member mindset like and then the question was asked was Mike gone or it was added was like well would win I. I was never going to say anything about that I went I. Just think it's funny that you nowadays it's a real question when fight between you and Mike yes and he's and he's the one that pose. So who would you think would win I'm like well, what are we doing? Are We boxing? KICKBOXING WOULD BE INTERESTING I think that actually I was in I was in negotiations with Holyfield's people back I don't remember what year, but we were talking to us about doing kickboxing match with Holyfield Right. Sure. Let's do it. I'm in. Because if I can kick his legs if you didn't know what a block I can I can destroy him he's got one round or not now, and he's going to have a hard time doing kicking him in the legs and staying pushing kicks off. Close. Enough. So it was funny, you know we said that and then he came they came back and said, okay well, we'll do but no legs it depends. If, you guys are paying enough money whatever the. No lakes I can front kicking stolen kick him in the head still him in the body. Okay. Cool. We can do that. And then, and it's funny I just about two years ago I was talking to Bosch Rootin- about it and I guess they were GonNa go with him to. And they just like they kept changing the rules on M. to and he's like, yeah, sure whatever. And, he's like you know they got into boxing if they're paying enough money Boston. I mean at the time I would have to lose I'm invite one on the. Best. Heavyweight boxers all the time and and and get paid a lot of money and. I maybe win maybe we but. is nothing to lose I was going to say like what money talks for sure but like Like. Kinda McGregor just came out and said, he who was cal yeah. Do now is that for because they both? For the sport of it for the challenge also, probably for the cash, what do you can? Refer I mean look at this point right at that point I like twenty five mayweather. He's a boxer like he's never I never boxed her. Connor is not a boxer. There wasn't. I think he had bunch of chance of winning it at all I thought I I actually thought he did a great job for. You Hung in there great and It. Would you if you had a chance to talk with them and maybe give him some or there wasn't much I? Think they had a lot of control of what he did I mean personally I would have I probably would pick them up slammed runaway. Trivial drops them on his hand. Getting a warning. Warning for that. You're supposed. To. Make it more and maybe doing one more time another warning yesterday taking point but interesting worried about it. But In the fight they wanted to continue ended that quickly Mike that have. The. What do you think like your signature I mean you're kicks fucking dude like demonstrative I mean and I and even seeing the fight I don't know how pronounce does. Israel. What's GONNA signed. That fucking. Kick to his face was Pretty Nias slack I mean, yeah I think that fight my thing was I. think cost..

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