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Older. You say you are. piece carli lloyd was alex morgan was fouled just outside the box rappeneau taking the free kick pushing know what whatever caller listen rappeneau puts it in the box nice and low it ends up going through some legs tender Julie hurts. Foot on. She didn't. I just know that. Revolution. Is that the name of their team? Not sure fire. She plays for the Chicago. Red stars going goalie. Couldn't even see the ball, no chance. depress who is i think she's a sub right there couple of girls that play for the chicago red stars so the bet is about the so the reds cubs bet right we're going to execute at the golf outing okay all right and if the cubs win two to three he has to wear full cubs uniform at golf outing hobby bias jersey we're talking the pants and the socks Response sivvy's responsible for bringing the real chain. Yeah. But you could find those. get to change i bring that nice croatian what i've this is a good bet and if the red state to three you're dressing pete rose yes full redway uniform i will spray him down with with pedes favorite cologne salvador dali a man smell me from a mile away get sylvie that too that oversize fifteen dressing as pete rose the ball player pete rose the guy in vegas at the autograph signing the big belt buckle pete rose the manager and i'm gonna put on a bunch of bats As well. You should gamble on basic government, Pritzker, sign the gambling Bill to affect knowing the gambling bed. It makes cubs read that one. the weekend sylvie knows he's going to win because i am in the freezer i'm not the cooler i'm in the freezer in calendar two thousand and the reds have already beaten the cubs in two straight series and the the cubs record on the road is awful then it's still he's right the better i think you do know this we've discussed it the fag arain record for your team you know what the numbers say a forty four win team while you've been there saying that for the year yes the their factory and expectation as this warrant and thirty four forty four now games all year This. french their third says they should be ten games above the dodgers then the cubs and the red career was in the national league dodgers cubs reds terms of run differential i don't believe they hit the ball very well but scooter genetics back so scooter milwaukee released him two years ago he was judah was with the the couple years somebody released him a couple years ago he was good janette used to be with the brewer For one year, scrappy, twenty-five bombs thirty. That was an all star lash out mistake. here with the reds i believe mistake crime poor about the offense they contaminate tomorrow well this time For you. These games in I've seen several of those. nothing like the girl mu as my daughter oldest daughter played against the the girl who is the woman who is dating dan's swanson mallory pugh a member of the women's soccer dance swanson stating one of these mallory pugh is them right yeah or is he a handsome kid or what he is he hit his weight but no but it doesn't feel very well but we cal is good looking kid yeah is i'm going home Again, it was about. No, no. It was. He goes. Oh my gosh..

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