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What do you think with i mean especially in phoenix although phoenix might be progressive basketball town because they sort of started the evolution were more progressive with their rosser they had boris diaw while they had barbosa they had more international flare so maybe they're more welcoming kokoska than dench the you have that amine alhassan sound when he was working for the phoenix suns about him as an intern telling that story it's a great story please grab that sound if you can because it's a wonderful story that amino hasn't when he was a very low level employee with the phoenix suns and everything's gone downhill since then but he got in front of the group because the phoenix suns are a progressive international organization it hasn't served them whole lot i mean initially it certainly did i mean in two time mvp being canadian barbosa indio making contributions they made it to western conference final famour you didn't come off the bench that one time they probably would have made the nba finals i'm watching the footage it's not so grainy it's not raining like it used to be to actually pretty clear here we've we've made advantage on that front this kid is good like he plays for real mitch there is no grainy footage they have high definition all right well but you would agree right and again my my information on this is dated but yes they have high definition jacksonville to and it doesn't mean that every press conference coming out of there is it with grainy footage but fair enough point taken i was using i was using bias from a from a long ago time that now we could go to we go to belgrade and get high definition my bed.

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