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I'm the other one I am Chris Grave Line, and this is into tomorrow for the weekend of July thirty first twenty twenty. So happy to have you with us and so much happier that I'm here with you. If you tuned in last week, you may have figured out that we were presenting a sort of best of into tomorrow. The reason being dave and I have both been battling this covert virus. I've been very fortunate and that my body seems to have been able to fight off most of it pretty well can't say that I'm back to one hundred percent, but I'm definitely getting there. The reason I'm here in Dave is not is that he's still battling this thing in the hospital. Fortunately. He's got a great team of doctors and nurses looking after him and after dealing with it for a couple of weeks hopeful that he'll bounce back soon and be back here sitting in the big chair. believe me there's nothing he and I both want more than to be back in the studio doing this show that we love and it is a labor of love, we love answering your questions and we will get to them I promise. So keep those calls coming in. You can, of course, use the message to studio option on the free into tomorrow APP or you can call us anytime at eight, hundred, eight, nine, nine into that's eight, hundred, eight, nine, nine, four, six, eight six, and we will get back to your calls as soon as we can and not to worry the cool into tomorrow hot summer giveaway. Is. Still. On. We've got plethora of great things just waiting to be shared with you, and all you have to do is call into the show and let us hear you on the air and we're of course, hopeful that we can be back in the studio very soon, bringing you a fresh into tomorrow broadcast. As always you can follow. Dave on facebook is he's been updating us on his progress even from his hospital bed and to the many of you who have written in or left us messages on facebook. We thank you We've said before we've got the greatest listeners in radio land. We're not blowing smoke. Thank you for being part of our into tomorrow family. And with that, we've got another show packed with some things you may or may not have caught the first time they aired. So I hope you enjoy the highlights from some of our recent broadcasts remember to check us out any time at into tomorrow dot Com. Joe In Durham North Carolina listens on Newsradio six, eighty W. F.. Hello Joe I just wanted to alert do so these you can notify your. Listeners that I'm doing getting junk email that claims it's from the US Census Bureau. And I know the US census. Bureau doesn't send you emails asking you to complete a survey I have. Responded because I believe that this would just be to my detriment in anyone's detriment who response. So I just wanted to warn your listeners to beware well, and you have done just that Joe. Thank you very much, and of course, Chris found this from the actual Census Bureau. If you get an email and think it's bogus, do not reply. Do Not Click on any links and do not open any attachments. Then, forward the email or website url to the Census Bureau they say it's at. Dot Fraud Dot reporting at. Census, Dot Gov that will have this summer site. It can tomorrow DOT COM because everybody won't remember that. Of course not sure typical government email address I just read it. I, don't remember. Chris Tyler Texas listening on K. TBB. So I just heard eve in Louis whatever state she's in with the disabled brother and mother. when she has to leave the House that her brother and mother are incapable. Of using a cell phone to contact her. But. If they're capable of speech, could she not set up Alexa or whatever that other Google thing is that you know the virtual assistant? Where they could say call he's well good point Chris. Of course, you're talking about the Google home or Google home mini for that matter. But that is a great idea like you said if they're capable of speech and don't have a southern accent just listened to our to coming up this week. See what I mean. They should not only make the call by using her voice from anywhere in the room, but they'd also meet Eve's other requirement it would be free with no monthly subscription. There are some very inexpensive smart speakers out there something like the echo dodd or the Google home mini would be able to handle this.

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