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You more efficient to work harder. I feel like that's what i want. I don't take caffeine pills because of that movie the faculty where that kills the aliens. So what if. I'm secretly nailed killed aliens yet to sniff cocaine or something i remember. They sticking something in their nose to snort was. It was caffeine. It was appeals. I think so. Am i in alien. You'll never know rea- gonna stop. I wanna see to not shut how best we need to be. Tested fact texted. Okay starring a lot of bullshit on his podcast. You should check okay. Let's see it's probably caffeine pills. Caffeine is nowhere to be found on the imdb page and neither cocaine not now hold on. I want to do the caffeine pills. Faculty movie check The faculty into feeding aliens with caffeine. That's the name of the article boom. How nice wow. I remember them sticking something in a pen and snorting it so i always have the memory of cocaine. Why would you snore caffeine pills. Same reason Cocaine but one of them you can get from the drugstore. I i mean. I don't i feel like it's in pill form to take a pill not to sniff i mean i don't wanna get into the science of drugs because i don't know that well but it has something to do with your brain membrane. Okay well i mean there are also aliens so if you've got the caffeine pill in them in any way it was fine i think is probably what they were going for. While they took the penance. Step people with. Is that what. I'm looking at it. Well i think maybe it just happened one time. But i'm looking at a picture of john stewart with a pen. And that's what star one star one star right. I'm going to go. i don't remember what it said. Sean still this person hated the length. So i'm going to say one star. Also i agree. Oh wait now. I feel like it's ten in While i ten when the best gonna find okay one. I thought the movie was great. I enjoyed it from start to finish. It showed a teacher not jesus. These individuals understand who they are as a character tunes as for the character tunes. He wasn't homosexual if you watch and fouled the movie it's simply stated that he had no idea what sexuality was at the end. It was tunes. Who figured out what his sexuality was. I gotta tell you. I love this movie. Can it's gonna be one stylist my guess. Can you tell me though. I think the sexuality is. Because i feel like the movie didn't contend with at all. The movie was like. Oh he's an. He's made the joke that like try sexual joke like he'll try anything and then he was just like all now it turns out. I'm a virgin. And i just was super horny because i watched my dad have sex with Secretary no i think it was the oh. He wants the priests. Yeah yes are you. Watch the priests have sex with a nun or something capable. You don't have to have had sex to understand your sexuality. Those two things aren't how that works. That's offensive in it of itself. Secondly you don't become gay by looking at a penis also incorrect thorough as early. We don't know. Thirdly not understanding your sexuality is different than fearing the fact that you might be gay. And that's what the movie is doing now with their say and that's a third problem with this character and he was a lot of jokes about him all. The jokes were focused. Not on the fact that he's willing to have six or eight by it but just about like him being gay. Potentially it was like whoa. I wouldn't touch that. It's like no it's fine. If he's gay let him be gay and instead they resolved by like. Oh he's just virgin. He doesn't know anything so he's hiding behind like excessive harness. This felt like infomercial for conversion therapy and it made me very uncomfortable. It was very bad that the whole res handled very poorly. But especially that. Yeah so there's a lot one out of ten start go. Nine out of ten grey flake. They use the term lake sars. I'm either a one or two enter. The movie is about a man named simon conjurer that also may or may not jesus in carmen. We don't know what we do know. Is that his long flowing. Hair did more acting throughout the movie than he. Okay canada yeah. I'll say town. Sincere about the. I know. I'm gonna say wow okay are making fun of it. Yeah making fun of it. They said they said. Because i was wrong about the tone of the other one and i feel like this. One says that his hairs more doing more acting than he did. And that it's about jesus. You're the most horrible piece of trash i've ever seen and i loved every minute one out of ten hold on what i was right but wrong movie is over two hours and seriously the there are only about six scenes in the whole film. They never end and consists of characters. Basically say no. Or what are you talking about. Or i'm not doing that or i'm staying here. Or why should we listen to you over and over and over again and whenever the plot comes to a screeching halt the characters are quiet for a few seconds before one bursts. Let's see what the book says. This was one of my biggest problems with the phil they kept forgetting. Concede of the whole movie was the book and they said. Nah nope no way. This isn't real blah blah blah. And then eventually they'd get to the facts like says it in the book. It says you only had to do with the one time i got i got it. I got the books. Follow the book. They're going to shut up. Shut out another forty minutes. Yes fell wasn't good one out of one. Sorry i think this one start to the constantly just referred to the book anytime they were stuck thought wise and it was. it was grueling. It was hard or one of them had him reckless breakthrough. Went to a flashback. Or something like that. I was also like always upset. Because simon conjurer like he was a by standard for so much. The fill like he broke up. That fight between rebel and scorpio. Five minutes into the fight. He could've stopped it right away. That's how facilitator works time ago at the whole movement. Let's see you said why they want a hold on. I went through the wrong one. I went to the wrong okay. One of town at ten ten out of ten s mom off now okay. The film was rain directed and starred in place. Simon conjurer by stewart paul. Who took his name from the credits completely. It was produced in two thousand six hundred the legend of simon conjurer. And yes it. Is jon voight under all that makeup and fat suit at one hundred thirty eight minutes. It's too long by one hundred twenty eight minutes. And i can well understand why three paul withheld his name from this his own writing and direction directing credit. It's appalling do want to say he. Purposefully withheld it for so long. It's included in the beginning. They're showing the opening credits and the paintings on the wall and like that and at one point it says written and directed.

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