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Eight hundred. Eighty eight shows parole. Jackie nick loan winner last show. Who's here to pick her. Audit showed up mr bob ryan. How great is this for you guys bob. You met jackie at the boston globe. And she was a news intern. You gave way to her for the famous boston. Celtics beat you gave him the notebook. It's one of the great stories in all sports reporting and you were elbow-to-elbow of course on press row for countless games and then in the hall of fame together bob. When did you know. Jackie was special. I knew she was good from the start. i said. hey this young lady knows what she's talking about. We're talking to equals as unequal right away. But i knew she was special when after she took the beat for me for the eighty seven eighty eight season free months and people were saying what was the name another guy and she and she immediately got in on the right wavelength with the most important person number. Thirty three larry bird. I had done. I was done a book. Larry sheets done toe. I mean what can i say. So i mean she's out. But i am so proud of the way. Her career is progressed so proud to have known her and this is a big loss to our industry is not going anywhere. That's the wonderful thing about you. She say she has priorities in life. Jackets and i'm gonna talk to you about right now. I know it's been hard for you to hear all this and stay quiet just a little bit longer. How do you tell somebody what they mean to you. You open up your heart and you put it outside your body and then you get a photo of that person from before you knew. Then that is moderately embarrassing but really is awesome. Let's look at this photo. Jackie.

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