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And at the team dinner and was at the right thing and the media, but it did seem to light a fire. Here's the answer to that question every single time. Did it work or did it not work? And if it didn't work, do they keep doing it? Because that's the answer to the question. Everybody, especially smart has earned the right to try that once. And it could have backfired and maybe they heal to move on. But if you try to again after he did that the one time and it didn't work, then he's a cancer. And it literally, that's basically, you know, like, that's how it works because the team will turn on him, right? Hey, we're not listening to you anymore. So now you're fiery personalities a problem. But because he did it and it worked. When the times right, if he's got to speak up again, they're going to listen to him. Because the results are, you know, proof that he made he let the fire that needed to be let. And I would say maybe not as not quite as far as you are on that. But I definitely think that he may not as far, you're just saying your dad has okay with him. No. Or you just don't think it's you don't think that that was as a responsible for the turnaround. You're gonna you're gonna shower some credit to Horford instead. No, no, no. A little bit? I guess what I'm saying is, I think he took a lot of heat for being so bold to say that. I think that we're really soft. If that's really being bold. Right. You know, he's like, hey, it's something we're working on. And Jalen Jason, you learn how to pass more. And it's something we're trying to get better at. And it was true and people are like, oh, shot across the bow and like sports for you lost its mind for like three weeks or whatever. I mean, it really wasn't that bad. He said they got to pass the ball more. They do. The problem is is the people who hate smarts said, oh, he wants to shoot more. It's all about him, and that wasn't the point. The point was, this is about Tatum and brown, learning how to lead a team. And offensively, it's hard to learn how to lead a team. And he's like, hey, we're working on that. It didn't seem to cause it was a negative thing. It was definitely a shot. It was definitely like, hey, we gotta get better at this. It sucks to stand there in the corner and the ball's not moving. And then they did it, well, at least they did, while Brown was out. And then people couldn't hit the open show where they were sitting in the corner. So then that's how you got to give the team and Tatum and others, a lot of credit for sticking with the plan, even when they were missing those shots because it's incredibly frustrating to feel like you're making the adjustment. And even if you look at the way the team started, I feel like Tatum was overpassing. Over deferring at the very early going. And he was struggling with a shot at the same time..

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