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Votes in slams and they were peons were. I guess I need. Then I'd say but in terms of tour season they're definitely kind of posting results again so I think they'll be gasoline in it for the playoff round after that. I think all bets are off one one of the OAKVILLE tournaments but that was back in August at that. Was this early season. And I'm a little skeptical just because the word that British curling program runs things as you're basically on the ice from mid summer so at five days a week training a lot of the Canadian teams. Don't get on the ice until very late summer. So the that got a six week headstart. You've been screaming against the other teams in the program. They're already pretty close to mid season form Whereas a lot of the Keating teams in Oakville are using that as their kind of breaking spill. So I take some of those early season results with a bit of a grain of salt. I think they're definitely better like I definitely better than they were. Last year was definitely an off season for for eve car recovering from the hip and actually be in contention come Olympic time. And we'll definitely be in contention this week. Bright top four of the order marriage was a bit of separation between the Scottish team in the top. Four teams yeah there's there's two teams in this field that I'm kind of pencilling into the playoffs won his team Hassel. Bergen one is team your head way. The hopefully that doesn't jinx her but I don't. I don't see this team missing the playoffs Up Next is team. Switzerland Skipped by a skipped by Elena stern throwing third rocks with Briar. Her lemon throwing fourth rocks. They are six on the Order of Merit. They are coached by Earl Morris in got them six in the Order of Merit. This is Elena first trip to worlds and I as skip Switzerland all they do is win worlds They've won this tournament. Seven Times including last year with team tyranny This team is six thousand eight against the rest of the field they did make it into four slams. Not a fantastic record. They went eight and eleven in all the slams and so welcome to prime time for team. Stern. I think.

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