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Clark is assistant attorney general, the first black woman to leave the Justice Department's civil rights division, where shall oversee investigations of the Minneapolis and Louisville police departments. Republicans have concerns about Clark's views on police, saying Susan Collins of Maine, the only GOP senator to vote for her. The Senate will also vote soon on creating a commission to investigate the Capitol attack. Senate Majority Leader truck Schumer says the formation of an independent commission to look into what happened on January 6th this more important than ever since Janu. Every six Donald Trump in all, too many Republicans have tried to spread the big lie, Schumer says a commissioner needed to get it. The truth is, some lawmakers downplay the riot 35. Republicans in the House helped advance that legislation. But Senate Republicans air mostly lining up in opposition. I think this is a purely political exercise that adds nothing. The sum total of information. Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell says ongoing investigations from Congress and the Justice Department are sufficient boxes. Jared Halpern on the Hill Ah federal judge just tossing out an indictment accusing former Trump Advisor Steve Bannon of defrauding border wall donors, citing Trump's pardon of Bannon. America is listening to Fox views. News Radio K L B J I'm John Cooley. This news a surface of service experts. Leander I s D. Is investigating a photo of one of its school bus is driving overall low water crossing road with water moving over it. Okay, Xcn reports. The photo was taken just yesterday at County Road, 1 77. Brushy Creek Bridge. This is the same spot where in 2018 another school bus was swept off the bridge where the kids still inside today, then also public health has confirmed 147 cases of covert 19 variants and Travis County but say those variants are putting no extra strain on the local hospital system. Austin Soccer's scene is a light with excitement since Austin FC officials say their first home game ever Will be held at 100% capacity Baby. Riley's Irish Pub at Mueller Co owner Steve Basil says he is excited getting Austin FC has already been filling barstools during away games were literally at capacity by kickoff. Every single match your kale, BJ radar Weather Watch. It's 88 degrees. Lowest 70 Get Austin News on demand at news radio K L B J com Live and local every afternoon to before. This is Marc Melinda and Ed on NewsRadio, K O B. J Call or text them and 51283605 90..

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