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Gambling debt and a brother to take care of in Portland Oregon how much you WanNa bet it does not take place in Portland Oregon but it's films morale's her military intelligence skills make her a great. Pi Butter unapologetic style puts her in the firing line hardcore criminals and not quite in alliance with police you don't say the cast includes Colbie smulders from high metro mother Jake Johnson from New Girl Tonto cardinal from frontier called. CB's Adrian Martinez from the blacklist Redemption Cameron Manheim from from the practice Michael Ealy from almost human the competition include Swat on CBS and Chicago PD ON NBC my thoughts on stumped on this one looks like a lot of fun from the Promo. I'm a fan of Kobe smoulders. She definitely is a star so it's good to see her. Stepping up to that role she will do great in the lead role here happy to see Jake Johnson Cameron Manheim and Michael Ealy back in TV good unsolvable. They have a good chemistry when they talk in interviews together and I'm looking forward to it so this is stumped down. I will definitely be checking it out. The next one is almost almost family. This premiers October second at nine eight central on Fox only child Julia Beckley finds her life turned upside down when her a father Leeann Beckley reveals that over the course of his prize winning career as a pioneering fertility doctor he used his own sperm to conceive upwards words of a hundred children. Ill that's my reaction. Reeling from explosive revelation Julia discovers to new sisters her former best friend eighty palmer an ex Olympic athlete Roxie Doyle all ask this these three young women begin to embrace their new reality. Julia must figure out what life is like without Leeann by her side easy comes to grips of their burgeoning sexuality as has her marriage falters and Roxie faces adulthood out of the spotlight against all odds three women will attempt to reform the untraditional bond as sisters even as they must welcome.

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