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I to me he's the best play by play guy there is and that's no disrespect anyone else because i have so much respect for guys like an eagle mike breen nance spa michael's you go on and on and on but these synonyms and just the words that he has for pass is amazing it's amazing you never you hear maybe say pass wants its glide sends it in it says wraps around it's it's ridiculous it's it's absolutely ridiculous and a quick story then i gotta take a break before we or take a break to break director break quick story so we made the peanut butter reference it was actually after capitals rangers that three overtime game where we thought the capital scored they ended up not scoring the the light went off and they ended up saying it was not a goal and then gabric ends up score in the third overtime to win a doc his energy he was low in that game so they give them peanut butter and ever since then he eats peanut butter sandwiches and asked them that once an interview what's the key to keep the energy already told me that story so i was in philadelphia for years ago it was i think a rangers flyer game and it's right around the holiday season and i brought him to jars of crunchy peanut butter and he looked at me he goes this is one of the best gifts ever got and they ended up using it during the broadcast they eat the peanut butter got some more energy boom boom boom so every time i have doc on ask him about peanut butter that's the interesting fact of that interview and that's a little bit of a connection behind that story five twenty three am eastern time to twenty three am pacific it's zach yelp show right here on cbs sports radio we get back to the nba playoffs when we come back we'll take your phone calls as well eight five five two one two four cbs getting here and shut the door what's up boss what's up you have to ask out yesterday usually nncholas jaybird correctomundo no way that i called your meats are now all natural bets.

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