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I'm so happy though that that you have that picture guide to say something. I was criticized for people. Assuming I didn't WanNa wait online. That's not the point. My anger was that the line assumed. I didn't see that it was there. I've been online's before that I just wanted to close that online personal lines. Michael Kornheiser's here. Jim McManus here. Gary Braun is here. Nigel will produce the show. Run the board. Do the news let him we will. We will open with the lead story in all of sports right now which is the astros performance yesterday. The owner the new manager two of the players publicly and then and then in the locker room players talk. Nobody said I'm not GonNa talk and this is exactly how you do it. You say to yourself do with this one time. I'm not going to do it the rest of the year and unless I feel like it but I'm going to do with this one time and get it behind me and try to move on. This makes all the sense in the world. This is how companies run this is how military forces Iran. This is how this show is wrong. Come on I mean. Let's let's not think that this was invented yesterday. This is David Gore of dealing with the problem. This is how you doing It is a bigger deal in some cities than in others. It is a bigger deal in the cities like Los Angeles or New York where the Astros beat those teams in playoff circumstances. And you don't know if they cheated there or not it's a bigger deal in Washington because the nationals suspected the astros of cheating last year and beat them in the World Service. It's a bigger deal here and it leads to great amounts of moral superiority by people who are writing and talking about this and you cannot get away from that and I would caution all of those people in that position who say we would never do this and they have to die that maybe we would do this if we had the opportunity. But you WANNA ride the white horse for Awhile to somebody knocks you off it. Go ahead ride the white horse. The Astros apologize yesterday. Nobody seems to think it's enough air quotes. Nobody seems to think well. Okay you want to do it. Sorry yeah nobody seems to think it's enough all around baseball. People are screaming and it's not enough. Much of the criticism is focused rightly so on. Jim Crane the owner. Because Jim Crane actually said the cheating didn't impact the game. I mean come on if the cheating didn't impact the game while while you're cheating you know what are you doing it? Is You cheating to impact the game? Now Jim Crane was himself a pitcher when he was a kid. I think you may have played in the low minors. I'm not exactly sure. But he was pitcher and what. I think to give him his best run at this. What I think he's saying is a great pitcher can get you out with you. Know what's coming or not? He did not say that specifically. But I'm going to give him the benefit of the doubt on that just on that particular thing but to sit there and say it didn't and we don't think impacted the game is stupid. It's stupid you shouldn't say it. You look really bad. You are allowed to say we had a great team. You're allowed to say we don't want to give back the championship. You want to say that but say it didn't impact the game is dumb and then when somebody says are you saying it didn't impact the game he goes. I didn't say that ninety seconds ago. It's actually there and people can see it so he says the players shouldn't be punished and look. You may think the players should be punished. That's fair but baseball did not take away the championships of teams populated by many people who use steroids. Who Cheated the game? Who cheated the rule so I don't know that baseball can take this away? You can do it a wants. But if I'm on the Astros would I'm going to say is also it's okay. This is the Pete. Rose argument basically just not a bad argument coming from Pete rose. It's not a good argument but it's not a bit theoretical argument. This is what they cheated. What did you do Alex? Rodriguez cheated was on a championship team. Right Barry Bonds cheated didn't make the championships. I don't think but one a whole lot of games. Knock some teams out. Roger Clements cheated one championship. So so back off sparky on this one back-off so nothing nothing is enough altuve. Eight and Carlos Correa especially at Alex. Bregman they apologized they apologized. They said we shouldn't have done this. We did it. We shouldn't have done it. What more do you want? What do you want you want these? Want these players. Taft to pitch lefty. If they're righties you want the batter to have to hit. Just tell me if this isn't enough what do you want now? I am not crazy about when people like Justin verlander who I like a lot. Justin Berlanda railed last year about how the baseball was juiced about how this was unfair. But how baseball should step in on this. That baseball allowed this to happen. And then he said. I wish I had done more. Don't tell me what you've done more. That's really weird that's Aj hinch said don't you know you? You don't wish you had done more. You wish you hadn't been caught. Let's do this. The team continued to do this. And now all of a sudden they're having an attack of conscience but again what what do you want? What do you want to happen? And I'm struck by this we'll Harris. Who's on that team? So Reliever of consequence is now on the Nats Sean doolittle who fashions himself Mitterrand. You know and thinks he's smarter than everybody in the world. Sean doolittle the vague philosopher of sports. Sean doolittle says of this particular guy. Where's this thing here? Oh I missed it. Somebody talk while I'm talking. She wanted a little forgives will house. Because I've talked to we'll Harris Laos good guy we're okay with will Harris well. The cases that will Harris did not benefit from the garage from the garbage bank. We'll need the Justin verlander except for the fact that when you're itching and your hitters get five runs to win okay so says we'll Harris says I think we all share in that no doubt To see where it's gotten to there's a lot of guys wishing he could have maybe done something to change history but same time a lot of necessarily know what those things are. It's hard to quantify your head. What maybe you could have done. That's not hard which could have done said which eating here. I'm not going to be a part of it. Nobody did that 'til they left the squad. Okay but that's that's the question of social dynamics about being up standard versus being a bystander and we'll Harris's an interesting point in this because by being a prominent reliever he has more sort of leverage than just sort of normal bench player or someone in the field. Ver- lander is the tipping point here. Because you WANNA say you're one of the only three or four guys on that team who can say some? That's right your big guy. And you're winning the pennant and the world series and you were the last to get to that world series. So here's Sean doolittle boy. I appreciate his apology. Talking about we'll Harris talked with him a little bit so far in the spring about it and I feel like his remorse genuine. I think he's excited to be here to have a fresh start. Give me a break. He's your teammate. Now so you're going to hang him you're not gonNA put his back against the wall. You're of course going to accept his apology because you got to play with him now so so what I'm getting at. Essentially is that while everybody stands on their horse and criticizes everybody else. They offered no specifics as to what should happen. And when you become their teammate. The first thing they want to do is put it behind. My Role told me where I'm wrong. You'RE NOT WRONG. I I think you're hitting Sean doolittle too hard with the Hammer. He's talking he's not. He's not the cheat. Okay that's right. He's not the cheat I maybe I think was missing. Yesterday is from. The owner. Was some proactive. Scans that says I'M GONNA be in that clubhouse more. I'm going to meet with the manager every week. I'm going to go over this. I'm going to go over that. There was not that at all the other thing I know especially the key players like Bregman stood up there and apologize and then they went in the clubhouse kind of and then they went into the clubhouse they said the exact same scripted thing. I get all that and win. Some body quote apologizes. There's two things I look for. I look for the preposition if if if I did something and I look for the passive voice and here's what Bregman said. I feel I feel bad about choices that were made com onslaught. Mistakes were made oldest. Excuse in the book. I'm not saying that. Their contrition sincere. It's forced upon them. I understand that I'm just saying what do you want now? Well I agree. I don't think you can take away the championship. That means that's just goes into chaos but I think those guys are going to have a very very long twenty twenty seats not only that but when their contracts are up they're going to other teams? They're going to try and outrun this thing. Any which way that they kasmin. I understand dusty. Baker is a great choice for them because he is relentlessly positive dusty Baker when Sammy Sosas bats exploded and all the cork when all over the infield dusty Baker actually said after the game. You GotTa show me the evidence. The evidence is on second base so he is a player's Guy Dusty Baker and I wonder I wonder about the involvement of dusty Baker and getting those guys front center yesterday. Because you know you had to do something before the full team re report. But I'm totally with gene on this one. This this is straight out of a Torie Clarke crisis management handbook with the passive voice and really. It's we're as you said earlier. We're sorry that we got caught. And we're sorry for the fans have gone through which I think is a key ingredient here for what that world series meant for that fan base at the end of twenty seventy flooding and all the hurricanes and all of that. How can I go back to for one for one moment? You're completely missing the story and do little where you get a great quote as to. What is the telephone effective baseball? Any any sort of think about the tentacles at go out from one move and he goes back to that season where he is part of a two person trade that comes to the nasty obviously fell short in the previous seasons for US getting to the world series but then look and say what could have been and think about all the players again. It's small you don't know we. Everyone has a sample size. But what could have happened if say he doesn't come to Washington or if he was in Oakland for another couple of weeks and got banged around even more. I'm too hard on Sean. Doolittle I guess yes you are but I did watching. I think this. I think we don't know the whole story. I have watched that too of a home. Run Fifty Times closer. What.

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