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Now while oh it's not one that you can take overly seriously nice wave contesting you market is lousy his people are going to pick up on the concept now if we had a launch that kicks auburn it happens it happens it would have been soft decision was eltingh bought song for six months work into it right oh realistically speaking out if than been a bit of a moslem scouts drawn prince two thousand three thousand of them on an icon of law while you know just because it didn't work on kicked sought to vp whereby in it you don't even if it would savannah space is a is a white cokle and you know we now screeners a kickstart that that failed at any kite notes to a few months later anyway i did not i did not though there were an it's completely different from his fast they feel that can kickstart page is completely different but i mean acquainted for by looks different different product but everything you launched the annastina watts excess i will allow me nominal offscreen was with siblings tubes oh gonna in it many aspects of scream is it is a big influence on into uh not least woodate sponsorship mobile the bull that we know on you on you brian had lowered shallow mr norma i am armed largely say his name on the job was inaudible nice close look up because elliott because both of those guys had absolutely i made acting babies into into tens and twenty thousand dollars balked which which you may i just ate absolutely blame alone a mix of but bikes that those guys is or email bucking full leading up to the kickstart labor nerve of great assistance a reality spree.

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